Top 10 Universities in Canada with A High Acceptance Rate

As per Canada Statistics, there will be a steady rise in the number of international students until 2022’s end, as can be seen from the chart below. This is because institutions in Canada that have an excellent acceptance rate are always growing.

Universities in Canada with a High Acceptance Ratio

The nation aims to boost its population of skilled laborers and professionals in research and development as well as business and data management.

To assist you in finding an institution that you easily integrate into, we’ve put together the top universities in Canada which offer better chances of getting accepted.

Top 10 Universities in Canada with A High Acceptance Rate

10 Universities In Canada With A High Acceptance Rate

The top universities in Canada, with an extremely low percentage of students,rejected.

Toronto School Of Management – 60%

Toronto School of Management is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. It provides students with a challenging educational environment. The acceptance rate for this school is 60%, so it’s quite simple to gain admission to this school. Toronto School of Management. The school has excellent classes that can be taken via the internet or in a class at your leisure. This is among the most difficult but affordable universities in Canada that have a high acceptance rate. The computer science degree program makes it among the top institutions for international students studying in Canada.

University Of Saskatchewan – 71%

It is the University of Saskatchewan that belongs to the Canada U15, which is the most prestigious group of top research universities. The university is home to around 25,000 and is among the top institutions within Canada, with a very high acceptance rate.

Saskatchewan University is a multicultural center with its very own students center, Oakes Red Bear, which is the institution that helps aid and promotes the integration of diverse cultures within the campus. Students at this university have always had an incredibly high level of satisfaction with their academics and personal lives. The student life at the university is full of events and activities, as well as research-intensive curriculums. The school is known for producing many of the most creative and inventive graduates each year.

Wilfred Laurier University – 55%

It is among Canada’s most highly regarded universities, founded in 1911. If you’re looking to earn an advanced degree in Canada but aren’t able to establish an impressive performance in your academics, then this school is for you.

The acceptance rate is 55%. The school will consider students who have not only done excellent academically but also participated in extracurricular events, volunteer work, or volunteering. The university is focused on creating a sense of belonging and connection between pupils and encourages them to be involved in the development of communities to benefit society at large. While the university assesses your academic qualifications, it is possible to be admitted into the university of Canada.

Carleton University – 73%

Carleton is among the top research and innovation universities in Canada that has a high acceptability rate. The main focus of Carleton’s mission is the enhancement of the learning and teaching facilities of the institution in order to adapt to the most recent technological advances to implement programs that benefit the faculty as well as students.

The experience for students at Carleton was always excellent since it was established at the time of 1942. If you’ve got a great educational record, then you may submit an application for scholarships for a year at Carleton University and increase your chances of being accepted more. Carleton University accepts 73 percent and encourages students from different backgrounds to make an application.

Universite de Montreal – 76%

It is the top public research university in Canada. It offers over 600 academic programs and is an affiliated campus with Universite Laval. It is home to students from across the globe and provides top-of-the-line research facilities. The year 2021 will see the institution hosts more than 67,000 students. It is among the best institutions in Canada, with an excellent acceptance rate. Universite de Montreal stands in 90th place among the world’s top universities. It is also famous for its distinguished alumni, including Canada’s premier minister Justin Trudeau.

University Of Guelph – 75%

It is the University of Guelph is a public research university located in Ontario and is renowned for its high-quality programs in science and arts. With a student total of over 29,500 and counting, it is among the most prestigious schools in Canada with international students.

The school is committed to helping in areas of advancement and sustainable lifestyle. It was also involved in the search for the existence of water on Mars and created tools to identify species. A 75 percent acceptance rate has been recorded percent Guelph is one of the most prestigious institutions in Canada with an impressive acceptance rate.

Concordia University – 71%

The university is located in the bustling metropolitan area of Montreal, Quebec; Concordia is among many of the best universities for accessibility in Canada, with a very high acceptance rate. The university is committed to creating and educating the future generation of innovators and researchers across a variety of disciplines.

The university was established in 1974 following Loyola College and Sir Geroge Williams University’s amalgamation. Concordia was named after Concordia and was derived from Montreal’s motto: Concordia Salus meaning peace through harmony. The school has since been a constant source of creative and innovative solutions that support students from the beginning of their studies to their professional growth.

Ryerson University – 80%

Ryer University is famous for its Ted Roger School of Management and is a Toronto-located university. It houses one of the biggest undergraduate business schools in the nation and offers over 100 courses for international students.

The school has an extensive industrial network and is associated with big business associations which collaborate with the school to give students the most comprehensive education and experience. The university is currently the home of more than 45,00 students from abroad and in Canada. The university is an innovator in management and business schooling and enjoys an excellent standing worldwide.

Lakehead University – 82%

Lakehead University has three well-known campuses: Thunder Bay, Orillia, and Ontario. It was founded in the year 1965. Although the school has an acceptance rate of 85percent, the school is a prestigious academic institution. The curriculum offered through Lakehead University is rigorous and demanding. Lakehead is committed to the growth of students, from their academics to their physical and psychological health.

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