How To Get A Student Visa For Singapore In 2021

If you want to study in Singapore, you must consider things before getting a student visa for Singapore. Here is a guide to help you through the process.

Students from abroad love Singapore’s superiority in all things technology. Living and studying in Singapore gives you the impression that you’re playing two roles in the future of a Hollywood film!

I call it a double because you’re not just exploring the technology within you but also taking on new challenges in further studies! So…are you prepared to begin your journey as an undergraduate student in Singapore?

You’re almost there! You should have received an unconditional invitation letter from an institution based in Singapore in the last few minutes! Once you’ve completed those formalities,

I will assist you in finding the right student visa for Singapore. If you want to take an airplane, you’ll need tickets. If you want to pursue your studies in Singapore and study there, your student visa will be your entry ticket!

Student Visa For Singapore

Student Visa For Singapore Requirements

Before you fill out the application form for a student visa to Singapore, you must be sure that you’ve got all the documents required to be eligible for an entry visa. I’ve listed the necessary documents below.


It is essential to ensure you have an active passport to get a visa, including student visas. What is an authentic passport? It refers to two things:

A) Your passport must remain valid at least until the expiration date of your program, and b) Your passport should contain at least two blank pages to allow for visa stamps.

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Offer Letter If it’s an unconditional letter of offer or a contingent offer when you apply for a visa for students, you’ll have to present an acknowledgment from your institution. Be sure your institution recognizes the Immigration Department in Singapore to ensure you don’t face problems in the future!

Evidence of funds:

You can apply for scholarships to attend school within Singapore and educational loans to finance your education and stay in Singapore.

But, if your student is an international one who is moving to a different country and need to prove that you have enough funds to cover your expenses and education will give you an understanding of the extent to which you’ll be able to handle your costs.

Health reports requirement for applying for a visa for students for Singapore is required to undergo a medical exam with a licensed doctor.

When you apply, you must provide these documents as proof of your health status, so ensure that you have the test completed before your application to ensure that your documents are in order before you get ready to apply.

If you’ve submitted an application for health insurance coverage for students from abroad, bring the documentation with you.

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The final step in obtaining the student visa is an interview! Your performance during the interview will show your admissibility. Be prepared and try your best to show your worth. Take note that only when your application for a student visa is accepted will you be asked to attend an interview.

Other than the mandatory documents, ensure you include other forms of documentation like your receipt for the payment of your application fee ($30), two passport-sized photos, bank statements, transcripts, diplomas, certificates, or degrees from the institutions you attended, as well as the scores for your school required.

When Should I Apply For A Study Visa In Singapore?

After you’ve submitted your application to universities, applied for the government-funded scholarship or university-funded grants, and passed the required tests, you can collect all the documents required for the smooth flow of your application. Once you’ve mastered the prerequisites, don’t be a slave to a last-minute rush since obtaining a visa takes time. The best time to apply is at least three to four months in advance to ensure you can have time to concentrate on the formalities of obtaining a visa.

Singapore Student Visa Fees

There are two expenses involved in obtaining a study visa to Singapore, and these include:

Processing fee:

On each application you submit at the ICA Singapore, you will be required to pay a processing fee of 30 dollars. Credit debit cards, credit cards, or online banking.

Issuance Fee:

You must get the student’s pass upon completing the application process. To get it, you’ll have to pay $60 as the fee for issuance plus a further 30 dollars for multi-entry Singapore student visa fees.

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How To Get Student Visa In Singapore

Student visa applications for Singapore will be processed through e-Service using a step-by-step procedure described below. Before you apply, ensure you’re aware of the fact that the application process is via the student’s pass online Registration & Registration (SOLAR) system. If you’re now aware of this, here’s the Singapore student visa procedure to apply:

Applications Registrations:

The college or university must allow you to apply for a visa for students via SOLAR by providing the following details: the following information: a) Name, day of birth, gender, and nationality of the student) Information about the course, its start, and finish dates. c) SOLAR application reference number

EForm 16 Submission

After your college approves your application and you’re ready to apply for a visa for students in Singapore, you can log on to the SOLAR page and fill in the required details. When you’re finished filling in the e-Form 16, you’re ready to take a printout of it to finish your requirements for issuing your student visa.



That’s it! A student visa to Singapore is one of the most sought-after visa types in Asia and globally. If you have reached this part of our article, congratulations! You are now on your way to a bright and promising future as a student in Singapore. We send you our best wishes for your journey and hope that your experience in the Lion City will be nothing less spectacular.

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