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Are you wondering why you should have a caravan insurance NZ policy? As a caravanner in New Zealand, it is advised you get caravan insurance coverage on your caravan and your liability while on towing. The advantages of caravan insurance cannot be overemphasized.

Securing caravan insurance won’t be difficult for you if you are into insurance. It almost works the same way with auto insurance, and it is just that in this case, it is a caravan instead of an automobile.

Today you will be getting to know what caravan insurance NZ entails and basically everything you need to know about caravan insurance.

What is Caravan Insurance NZ

Caravan insurance is the type of insurance that covers accidental damage, theft, fire, weather damage, and third parties factors. This insurance helps to protect your caravan from damages while on the road or packed securely at your home or caravan park.

Caravan insurance NZ is the specific caravan insurance available in New Zealand. The policies of caravan insurance in New Zealand cover the towing, garaging, and parking if you’re living in or storing a caravan. This insurance covers caravans meant for domestic, social, or private purposes. Caravan meant for business purposes are not covered by the New Zealand policies.

How to find Caravan Insurance NZ? 

Some of the best Caravan insurance NZ are:

  • Motor-Caravan InsuranceOne of the oldest New Zealand Caravan insurance service
  • Caravan and trailer insurance – AMI –  One of the best New Zealand multi-policy discount

 What Factors Affect the Premium of a Caravan Insurance Policy

Many factors can affect the price of a caravan insurance policy.  Some of these factors include:

  • History of the Caravan: The history of the caravan affects the price of the caravan insurance. A caravan with a turbulent history may get a higher premium. While that with a good record of being in good condition and lower repair cases tend to secure a lower premium.
  • The nature of the neighborhood: A rough neighborhood may have a negative impact on the premium. In neighborhoods where the possibility of an accident is greater, the premium level of the insurance will be higher compared to safer neighborhoods. This is because the nature of your neighborhood can affect the state of your caravan.
  • Caravan Storage condition: Knowing exactly where you will be storing your caravan before securing caravan insurance will help ensure you secure the most accurate quote. For instance, some insurers offer lower premiums if your caravan is stored in a professional storage unit.
  • Age: Age is another important factor that affects the caravan insurance premium. If you are a driver over 25 years with a full two years of experience and license in New Zealand, you can enjoy lower premiums than younger international drivers who have held their licenses for less than two years.
  • Security Features: A caravan with highly advanced security features attracts lower premiums. In contrast, the premium increases when your caravan does not have adequate security features making it more susceptible to theft.
  • .Insurance claims history: Drives with many caravan insurance claims attract higher premiums and vice versa. 
  • The value of properties in the caravan: The value of your items in the caravan can either lower or increase your premium. If the things are precious, your premium tends to be higher and lower when the items are less expensive.

How to Pay for Caravan Insurance NZ Online

You have to go through a specific caravan insurance service to pay online for caravans. There isn’t a general portal where you can pay for the insurance service. So first, ensure you secure insurance. When you are okay and comfortable with their terms and conditions, you can go to their official website to make your payment.

How Much Does Caravan Insurance Cost in New Zealand?

The caravan insurance cost policy offers two options: the agreed value or market value. Both factors determine the cost of your premium and how much you will get as a payout in the event of an accident.

So what does the agreed value or market value entails?

Agreed Value

This refers to a specific dollar amount you and the insurer agree to insure your caravan. The advantage of this is that you have the freedom to include the cost of accessories and modifications. Also, you have this sense of security and certainty on how much your replacement payout will be. The only disadvantage here is that you have to pay a higher premium if you are going for the market value.

Market Value

Choosing the Market Value means that the resale price of your caravan will determine your replacement payouts –  what your caravan is currently worth today. The caravan’s value is attached to its conditions, such as its age, model,  make, deferred maintenance, and -existing damage. This is because it is cheaper than the agreed value and is perfect for old caravans with little modifications. However, the disadvantage is that the replacement payout may not cover the caravan’s remaining payments.

The cost of caravan insurance is as follows.

$30,000 caravan $450
$70,000 caravan $735
$70,000 motorhome  $580
$120,000 motorhome  $875
$250,000 motorhome  $1,750

Who should pay for caravan insurance in NZ?

Not everybody can pay for caravan insurance even though you are an adult. So who pays for the caravan policy? Any individual above the age of 25 with the appropriate and clean driving history and license (excluding commercial usage)

Is a caravan insurance certificate required?

You should understand that a caravan insurance certificate by law is not a legal requirement. However, if you are without it, there is every possibility that you have to bear the loss of your caravan in case of thefts, accidents, or issues arising from inactivity. So in simple terms, caravan insurance is required as proof of your insurance. However, some caravan insurance services offer two documents: a certificate of insurance and a policy wording. For example, caravan or Trailer Insurance.

What are the Major Benefits of Getting Caravan Insurance?

The importance of getting caravan insurance cannot be overemphasized. Below are a few of the benefits of getting caravan insurance.

1.    Safety for Your Investment

A caravan is an excellent property to invest in because of its huge resell value. As an investment, you wouldn’t want anything to happen to it. Any form of depreciation can affect its resell value. Many static caravan insurance offers financial help with repairs and replacing your static caravan in case of theft, vandalization, fire damage, storm damage, or accident. With caravan insurance, you have this guarantee that your investment is duly secured.

2.    Peace of Mind for Your Family

After insuring your caravan, you get this peace of mind for your family. You can freely tow your van, knowing that the cost of repair or damages is duly covered if an accident happens. Also, you can pack your car in a suitable storage unit for a long time, not worrying about its inactivity states, knowing that the insurance has everything covered. So you aren’t scared of the slightest damage to the caravan. This allows you to relax with your family while the insurance company caters to the caravan.

3.    Protection from Potentially Serious Financial Losses

You are to service your caravan once every 12 months or after every 10,00km drive. The price of servicing a Caravan differs with brands, but on an average scale, servicing a caravan cost around $300. Also, repairing a damaged caravan can be very expensive. You can be thrown into a financial ditch if you don’t have insurance to step in to cover the expenses for you. Not everybody can foot the bills of maintaining and fixing a caravan at a time, so insurance has made it possible to enjoy an excellent working caravan without having to pay much.

4.    Protection Against Damages and Thefts

Caravan insurance is the type of insurance that pays if your caravan is stolen at the campsite or home. In terms of damages, caravan insurance can step in to take full or partial responsibility for fixing back the van to normal. However, this depends if your caravan insurance covers damages and theft.

5.    International Coverage Options from Overseas Risks Insurance Services Ltd, a Broker to the World’s Top Insurers

Some caravan insurance caters to the van and your medical health, including emergency health challenges during your tour overseas. You must make sure that your insurance package covers the country you are traveling to. If the country is not captured in your insurance scope, it may not be covering for it.

 6. Unconditional Guarantee on Personal Liability Cover

Some insurance Caravan packages cover personal liability during touring. While on tour, it basically covers your medical and emergency needs.  This helps you embark on a tour with complete confidence, knowing that you are fully insured with your caravan.

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