Best RV Camping in Oregon in 2022.

Introduction: What is an RV?

The RV is an abbreviation for Recreational Vehicle. It simply means a  motorized vehicle that can be used as a home away from home. The RV is meant to be pulled by a car and has amenities such as beds, kitchen, and bathroom facilities. Camping trailers are similar to RVs but are usually towed by pickup trucks or SUVs. In a simpler term, RV is the generic term that covers recreational vehicles, in which the camping trailer is included. Others include campervans, caravans, coaches, motorhomes, fifth-wheel trailers, truck campers, and popup campers, today we be looking at the best RV camping in Oregon.

The size of the vehicle varies from small campers to large luxury versions that have the same amenities as an apartment or hotel room. The size of the trailer will depend on how many people it needs to accommodate and how much gear they need to bring with them on their journey. RVs come in different price ranges, and you are sure to get one that suits your budget.

The Best RV Parks and Campgrounds in Oregon

Camping is a great way to get back in touch with nature and spend time outdoors with family and friends. The perfect camping location will depend on your camping style, length of stay, desired amenities, etc. In this section, I will be showing you the best RV camping locations in Oregon for various styles.

  1. Oceanside Beachfront RV

Are you an explorer and would love to explore the Oregon Coast? The Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort is a perfect choice of RV park in Oregon.

The Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort is located outside of Coos Bay and right next door to Yoakam Point State Park. The exciting part of this park is that it is just minutes away from Charleston’s iconic quaint fishing village.

It features facilities such as a world-class golf course, seafood restaurants, and wine tasting, and you get easy access to the private, pet-friendly beach with tide pools galore. You get the rare privilege of having a wonderful glimpse of the Pacific Ocean in this RV park.

Oceanside Beachfront RV
  1.  Sea & Sand RV Park Hookup

Sea & Sand RV Park is one of the best RV parks in Oregon near the seaside town of Depoe Bay. It is called the “Whale Watching Capital of the Oregon Coast,” It is blessed with a fanatic seaside beach to give you a glamorous glimpse of the ocean.

In addition to its oceanfront sites and seaside beach access, you can enjoy other things that include free Wi-Fi, full RV hookups, and a tidy campground with friendly hosts to make your stay an exciting one.

Furthermore, you have access to many area attractions, such as Devils Punchbowl and the bustling Lincoln City.

 Sea & Sand RV Park Hookup
  1.  Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort

The Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort, located just outside of the town of Sisters, is one of the best RVs in Oregon. The RV park is a short drive to the iconic touristy city of Bend, including area attractions like the Mount Bachelor,  Deschutes River, Smith Rock State Park, and the Deschutes River.

The Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort is the perfect place to kick back and relax, as it is rated as the #1 RV Park in Central Oregon by the Good Sam Club.

 In this RV park, you enjoy other activities that include full hookups, a dog park, a heated swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and many more.

  1. Cater Lake RV Park

Crater Lake RV Park is one of Oregon’s best RV parks that combines a family-friendly atmosphere with a convenient location nestled in a forest of cedar trees and pine– not all parks do that.

It is also called the Prospect RV Park and is known for its proximity to Cascade Gorge and Red Rock Canyon. You can easily walk to the beautiful Prospect State Scenic Viewpoint from this RV park – isn’t that wonderful?  

Here, you don’t get to worry about the size of your RV, as it accepts all sized of RVs, including the larger ones. Its site is flat, paved, and extra wide. Also, you get to enjoy full RV hookups, an RV dump station, and free Wi-Fi is available.

  1. Waldport/Newport KOA

The Waldport/Newport KOA is one of the best RV parks in Oregon that offers you amazing, fascinating views.

The site is located on a bluff high above the stunning Alsea Bay to give you an incredible ocean view. In addition, it is well-spaced and contains well-maintained facilities and amenities, including cable TV, Wi-Fi, and bicycle rentals.

The Waldport/Newport KOA is a mixture of sandy beach and rocky coastline, so you get the access to explore the tide pools and build a sandcastle – great for families with kids. Also, you get to see the incredible Sea Lion Caves, which is known as the largest sea lion cave in the United States!

Why Choose an RV for Vacationing in Oregon?

The importance of special family vacations for many families has increased as time spent together has decreased. Parents want to make every minute count, and frequently, this means planning a family vacation. There is no better way to achieve this than using an RV – Recreational Vehicle. It gives you the pleasure that the contemporary holiday camping system won’t give you. Below are the five most important reasons you should choose an RV for vacationing in Oregon.

  1. Your own bathroom

Unlike contemporary camping, where you use a shared bathroom, an RV allows you to have your own bathroom. Imagine visiting a bathroom outside in the middle of the night or during a rainy night, and it can be absolutely frustrating. But with an RV, this issue is totally eliminated. Your bathroom is just minutes away under the same roof as you, just like in the home. 

  1. Comfortable Affordable Dining

Campfire cooking is fun, but it becomes frustrating when battling with prep spaces, weather, and multiple people. While, RV offers you fun, easy, affordable cooking. RV cooking combines the fun/entertainment of cooking and dining outdoors with the convenience of cooking and dining at home.

  1. Pets babies are always welcomed.

Camping with pets can be a struggle most time. Getting someone to look out for your pets when out for exploration can be costly, but with an RV, you can comfortably leave them in their space and go for your exploration, knowing that they are safe in the temporary home.

  1. Family with special needs and medications has everything in place and at hand.

If you or your family members have special needs requiring power, medications to be stored in the refrigeration, or medical instruments, camping may be challenging. But with an RV, all these can easily be accomplished. You can get your refrigerator inside, power available, and space to store any medical appliance. It allows you and a special needs family to explore the outdoor life just like ordinary people. 

  1. Seasons don’t stand as a hindrance.

One of the favorite reasons for going on vacation in an RV is that they provide you with year-round comfort regardless of the season. Camping in an RV during snowtime can be a fantastic experience. The RV can be heated to keep the inside warm. Imagine sitting inside the RV playing board games while it rains heavily outside, with the drops of the rain making beautiful sounds on the roof.

How to Find the Right RV Park or Campground for You

When looking for a place to stay for the night, your options are limited to a hotel or campground. Travelers can often stay in a hotel or resort with amenities such as swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers. However, many people prefer staying at campgrounds because they allow pets and RVs and provide a more “homey” feel.

To select the right campground to visit, there are basic things you need to look out for, and they are:

  • The proximity of the RV park to the town
  • The cost of the campsite
  • The kind of activities the RV camp offers
  • The kind of amenities the RV camps contains – are they suitable for you?
  • Check the RV park drainage system.
  • Check for any unsafe spots, including sharp objects, unhealthy trees, and ponds
  • Check out for the customer reviews, or reliability rating

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Also, there are some apps out there that can help you locate the campsite near you. The five best apps to find the best RV park or camp close to you are:

Conclusion of the Ultimate Guide to RV Camping in Oregon

Camping in Oregon can be fun, and this can’t be complete without having the most suitable RV and RV campsite. Ensure you take your time to analyze the different RVs and choose the one most suitable for your needs. This also applies to the Oregon campsite. Check out the Oregon campsite listed above, and choose the most suitable one for you.

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