Caravan Guard Insurance in 2022.

The 10 Most Common Caravan Guard Insurance Scams and How to Avoid Them

Caravan Guard Insurance, What is it?Caravan Guard Insurance, also known as caravan cover or caravan insurance, can be used to protect your caravan and its contents from loss or damage. Caravans are made for travel and their owners often take them on long distances journeys across the UK. If you own a caravan, then you will know that it is not cheap to buy one and if something happens to it whilst out on the road, then you could find yourself without a home. This is why it makes sense to ensure that your caravan is protected against any potential damage or loss.

When choosing caravan guard insurance, there are certain things that you need to consider before purchasing any policy. One of these things is what type of cover does your current insurance policy offer? If your policy does not offer sufficient cover for you or if there are gaps in your policy that need addressing then it may be time for an alternative solution.

Another thing to consider when choosing caravan guard insurance is whether you want the cover only while traveling or whether you want the cover while at home too? Some policies allow you to choose between both options which might suit some people better than others depending on their needs.

Other factors include how much mileage will be covered under your policy as well as how much excess you are required to pay out if there is an accident or theft.

In the world of caravan insurance, there are a lot of scams and frauds that you need to be aware of. Some of these schemes are quite obvious while others can be more subtle.

While Caravan Guard Insurance can be a good idea, it’s important to understand that there are some scams out there that can leave you paying more than you need to. Here are 10 common caravan guard insurance scams and how to avoid them:

Scam #1: ‘Risk-Free’ or ‘Unlimited’ Caravan Guard Insurance Offers

This scam is pretty simple: someone offers you a great deal on caravans insurance, but then fails to mention any hidden fees or exclusions. For example, they might say that your caravan guard insurance will be risk-free for life but then fail to mention that it only covers damage caused by fire, theft, and vandalism. This makes it very hard for consumers who are buying their caravan guard insurance online or over the phone because they won’t know what they’re covered for until after they’ve bought the policy.

Scam #2: Failure to Provide Proof of Billing

If you’re a caravan guard insurance customer and you receive a bill, make sure you review it carefully. If there’s any doubt about whether it’s legitimate or not, don’t pay it until you’ve confirmed that it is.

If you suspect that someone is trying to scam you by sending an invoice for something they didn’t actually charge you for, contact your insurer and ask them to check their records. They should be able to confirm whether they’ve billed you correctly or not.

Scam #3: ‘No Risk’ or ‘Invisible Protection’ Claims

This type of scam involves an insurance company that offers a policy that promises to cover all risks and costs associated with your caravan, while at the same time not requiring any premiums to be paid. In some cases, these policies may also be referred to as ‘invisible protection’ or ‘no risk’ policies.

You could be offered such a policy through a phone call or email from a scammer posing as an insurance company representative. Alternatively, your details may appear on an online advert offering you this type of product.

Ask yourself why an insurance company would offer to cover all risks and costs associated with your van without charging any premiums? The answer is simple – they wouldn’t! There are no such products on sale and even if there were, you’d have to pay for them in one way or another (eg through higher premiums). Don’t trust any claims that there’s no risk involved in taking up such policies.

Scam #4: Compensation for Non-Purchased Items in a Single Theft Claim

This is a common scam, as it’s difficult to prove that the items weren’t purchased by the insured. For example, if a caravan owner has a theft claim and declares that they have lost two televisions, it can be difficult for the insurer to prove that none of the televisions were purchased by them.

If one of the televisions was purchased second-hand from eBay and not declared in the insurance application, then it is possible for an unscrupulous claimant to try and claim on this policy as well.

To avoid this scam, always declare all items on your policy when you apply for cover and ensure you purchase adequate cover limits for all your possessions;

Check that any items added after purchasing insurance are covered properly.

Scam #5: Pet Insurance

A caravan guard scam that is on the rise in pet insurance. Your caravan may be covered for personal belongings and items, but in most cases, it isn’t covered for pets. There are a few situations where pet insurance may be offered, such as if you take your dog or cat with you on holiday or to another location.

This type of insurance would only cover the animal if it was injured or ill, so if anything happened to your pet during the trip, it would not be covered by your caravan guard insurance policy.

The best way to avoid this scam is by reading through your entire policy and asking about any exclusions or limitations before signing up for any kind of caravan guard insurance.

Scam #6: Fake Insurance Brokers

Fake brokers are one of the most common forms of caravans scams today because they’re difficult to identify until after the fact. They tend to target people who need help finding affordable caravan insurance but don’t know where to start looking or what questions to ask.

The scammer will offer to find you a cheap caravan insurance quote and send you a link for an online application form. You’ll complete the form and pay a deposit of around £100, which is usually non-refundable, and then never hear from them again.

Always check that your broker is registered with trade bodies before parting with any money. Keep in mind that there are plenty of legitimate brokers who charge no fees at all so make sure that’s what you’re getting into before signing up.

#7: The ‘Waiver’ Scam

Some brokers will offer you a waiver in exchange for lower premiums or other perks like free installation or roadside assistance. But don’t be fooled into thinking that a waiver means you don’t need caravan guard insurance because there’s nothing worse than having your trailer stolen or damaged without coverage!

You may receive an offer for a product that looks like a good deal. It may say something like: “If your trailer is stolen or damaged within one year of taking out this policy, we’ll pay you the value of the trailer.” If so, watch out! This is all too often just another way for insurers to avoid paying claims after they’ve lured customers with low prices and sweeteners such as free installation.

Don’t fall for any offer that sounds too good to be true! Always make sure that your caravan guard insurance policy covers theft, damage, and liability issues.

#8: The ‘Exclusive’ Caravan Guard Insurance Scam

Some brokers will claim that they’re the only ones who can offer you caravan guard insurance, but this is not true at all. In fact, there are plenty of other brokers out there who are licensed to sell caravan guard insurance and can help you find a solution that meets your needs at an affordable price.

Just make sure any broker you choose has been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) before giving them any personal information or committing to anything!

Scam #9: The Bait & Switch Scam

This is one of the most common caravan guard insurance scams out there. The broker will usually offer you a cheap price on caravan guard insurance in order to get your contact details. Then they’ll call back later with an offer that’s much higher than what you were originally quoted. This happens because some brokers will try to sell overpriced products or services by using low-balled prices as bait to get your attention.

When comparing quotes from different brokers, make sure that they’re quoting exactly the same product or service and not trying to confuse or trick you into buying something else. If a broker tries this tactic on you, simply hang up or walk away from their office until they give you a quote based on what you asked for.

Scam #10: The ‘Faulty Installation’ Scam

Some brokers will try to convince you that if anything goes wrong with your new caravan guard system (including faulty installation), then it’s your responsibility to pay for any repairs. This is a scam because the caravan guard system should last for years, and if something breaks down in six months, it’s not likely to be due to faulty installation.

In fact, many caravan guards will have an extended warranty in case there are any problems with installation or operation.

To avoid this scam, ask your broker if they offer any kind of guarantee on their workmanship or products. If they don’t have one, then find another broker that does!

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Caravan Guard Insurance Companies in the UK: What you need to know before you buy.

Caravan Guard Insurance

Caravan Guard Insurance Companies in the UK: What you need to know before you buy

Caravan Guard insurance is a type of caravan insurance that provides cover for the caravan owner and their passengers. This type of insurance is often purchased alongside home insurance or motor insurance. It is typically cheaper than buying separate policies for both vehicles.

There are many different Caravan Guard Insurance Companies in the UK, but not all of them offer their services to everyone. Some may only provide cover to people who live within a certain area, while others will only accept customers who are over a certain age or who have a clean driving license record.

Many companies also have set limits on the amount of money they will pay out if you make a claim against them. If this happens, then it is likely that you won’t be able to afford to repair your vehicle or replace any stolen belongings

The most important thing when choosing an insurer is finding one that offers affordable premiums and covers all aspects of your caravan trip without having to pay extra each time something happens. Make sure that any policy documents clearly explain what is included before signing up for anything

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What does caravan guard insurance cover?

Caravan Guard Insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides cover for caravan park providers, campers, camping companies, campsite providers, and other leisure and tourism businesses.

Caravan Guard Insurance provides protection against claims relating to accidents that occur on your premises. It also covers you for any legal costs incurred as a result of an accident on your premises.

Caravan guard insurance also covers:

breakdown cover – this covers the cost of getting a replacement vehicle if yours breaks down away from home (or is towed home)

home emergency cover – this covers the cost of getting back home if you need medical treatment while on holiday

personal possessions cover – this covers personal possessions such as laptops and cameras up to a specified value in case they get damaged or lost when traveling.

How do I take out caravan guard insurance?

A caravan guard insurance policy will protect your vehicle from theft, fire, vandalism, and other damage. This can be a great way to protect your investment, especially if you’re traveling with expensive items in your van.

When you take out caravan guard insurance, you’ll be able to rest easy on your travels knowing that your valuable belongings are safe.

If you have an existing caravan cover policy with an insurer, speak to them about taking out a separate policy for your caravan. If not, visit an insurer in person or call them on the phone.

There are many different types of policies available so make sure you understand exactly what is and isn’t covered before buying one.

What are some of the products from which I can get caravan guard insurance?

Caravan guard insurance is a type of insurance that helps you to protect your caravan against theft, fire, and other damages. There are many companies that offer caravan guard insurance, and it is important to know which ones are best for you.

Here are some of the products from which you can get caravan guard insurance:

Caravan Insurance. This covers damage to your caravan, its contents, and your liability for damage caused by your caravan.

Motorhome Insurance. This covers damage to your motorhome, its contents, and your liability for damage caused by your motorhome.

Campervan Insurance. This covers damage to your campervan, its contents, and your liability for damage caused by your campervan.

Additional Cover Options for Caravans. You can also add extra cover options such as business use, hire vehicle, and goods in transit policies to any of our car insurance policies at no extra cost.

What if my employee gets injured while on duty? Who is responsible?

If you have employees, you need to have medical coverage for them. The important question is “who pays for the medical bills?”

The answer is simple: the employer pays for it.

That’s because the employer has an obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. If an employee gets injured on the job, it’s the employer’s responsibility to pay for that injury.

For example, if your employee gets injured while working at a construction site and slips on a wet floor, they may sue you for negligence because they believe you should have provided them with better footwear or signage in that area. The costs associated with defending yourself against this type of claim can quickly add up.

Caravan Guard Insurance: What’s it All About and How Do I Get It?

Caravan Guard insurance is a type of caravan insurance that covers caravans, campervans, and motorhomes. It’s designed to protect your vehicle from damage or theft while it’s parked in a caravan park or campground. This can include things like fire, theft, and even vandalism, as long as the caravan is being used for its intended purpose which is to travel around in!

The idea behind this type of insurance is that it protects you financially if something goes wrong with your vehicle while it’s on the road. This way, if something does happen and your caravan needs repairing or replacing, you’ll be covered.

Most importantly though, you won’t have to worry about what would happen if someone stole your precious ride or vandalized it – because Caravan Guard Insurance will pay out for any damage done to your vehicle during a trip.

For those who are planning to buy a caravan, getting car insurance for it is an important step. A caravan insurance policy will protect you against any damages or loss incurred by your caravan. You can find many companies offering caravan insurance, but not all of them are reliable.

So how do you find the right company? Here’s how:

Compare quotes from different insurers

You can get a quote from a number of companies, but don’t just go with the cheapest quote. Compare quotes from different insurers so that you can find out which one offers the best deal. Look at factors such as the premium amount and coverage amount before making your decision.

Check out their reviews

Before signing up with any insurer, it is necessary that you check its reviews on sites like TrustPilot or Feefo. These sites allow users to rate and review products and companies they have bought from or used in the past. You can also check out reviews on forums like Quora or Reddit, where fellow users share their experiences with insurance companies.

Look at their customer service ratings

Another important thing to look at is how good an insurer’s customer service is. You want to be sure that if anything happens while you are abroad, they will be able to help you out quickly and efficiently.

Ways to Get Caravan Guard Insurance

As a caravan owner, you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of. You need to make sure that you are well-equipped with the right tools and equipment, but you also need to make sure that your vehicle is protected at all times.

Caravan Guard Insurance is one of the most important things that you can invest in like a caravan owner. It will ensure that your caravan is always protected from any damage or loss that occurs while it is being transported.

But did you know that there are a number of ways to get Caravan Guard Insurance? Here are a few ways to get Caravan Guard Insurance:

Online – You can find many different insurance companies online that offer caravan insurance policies for their customers. These sites allow people to search for caravan guard insurance policies for their caravans on their website and purchase them directly from the website itself. The best part about this method is that it’s fast and easy; however, the downside is that it can be expensive if you’re looking for a higher level of cover than what’s available on these websites.

Through an Insurance Broker – An insurance broker can help you find and compare different caravan guard insurance policies from different companies online or offline before recommending one that suits your needs best. You’ll have access to all the information about the policy, including price and coverage before you commit to buying it.

Telephone – You can call up an insurer directly and ask for a quote over the phone. This will give you access to more information about the caravan insurance company and its products, but it does mean that there will be no record of your quote in case something goes wrong later on with the purchase process or with the claim itself.

In person – Some people prefer buying their caravan insurance policies in person because they feel more comfortable talking directly to a representative from an insurer about their options rather than doing everything online or over the phone. If this sounds like you, then consider visiting an office.

Top Caravan Guard Insurers 2018

AAMI Caravan Guard Insurance is an online service that offers insurance protection for caravans and camper vans. It provides coverage for up to $5 million for personal injury and property damage claims as well as offers additional benefits such as 24/7 emergency assistance and roadside assistance services at no extra cost! You can also claim back up to 50% of your excess fee if you make a successful claim with AAMI Caravan Guard Insurance!

Allianz Caravan Insurance provides comprehensive cover for all types of caravans including 5th wheelers, class C motorhomes, and tow caravans (towed by light commercial vehicles). This policy covers most people who are traveling in a caravan for their own enjoyment or business purposes.

You can choose from four different levels of cover ranging from basic third-party liability through to comprehensive cover that includes personal injury and property damage claims. Allianz also offers theft and damage cover for your caravan or camper van if it is not being driven at the time of the incident.

NRMA Caravan Guard Insurance offers protection against burglary and property damage claims on your caravan while traveling in Australia. It also includes 24/7 emergency assistance and roadside assistance services at no extra cost! In addition to this, you can claim back up to 50% of your excess fee if you make a successful claim. NRMA Caravan Guard Insurance comes with a 90-day free trial period so that you can try it out before committing to a full policy!

Budget Caravan Insurance offers protection for your caravan against damage or theft while traveling. It also provides coverage against fire, flood, storms, and earthquakes as well as providing comprehensive protection for any damage caused by falling trees or branches!

This insurance is available to all Australian residents aged 18 years or over with an Australian driving license. You can purchase Budget Caravan Insurance online or over the phone at any time!


What is caravan guard insurance?

Caravan Guard Insurance is a specific type of insurance that covers the cost of a caravan that has been damaged by third parties. It can be a very useful way to protect your investment and make sure that you get paid for any damages.

When should I get caravan guard insurance?

You should get Caravan Guard Insurance when you own a caravan. Most people don’t think about this type of insurance until something happens and they need it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How much does caravan guard insurance cost?

The cost of Caravan Guard Insurance varies depending on the provider, but it’s usually somewhere between £100 and £300 per year.

Is caravan guard insurance suitable for all types of caravans?

Yes, it can be used on all types of caravans, including those with a fixed or folding roof, and any size or weight.

Do I need to have a tow vehicle to get caravan guard insurance?

No, you do not need to have a tow vehicle with you when traveling in the UK. This is because the policy covers your caravan while it is parked up at any location in the UK (including private land). However, if you are traveling abroad then this may be different depending on where you are going. You will need to check with your insurer if their cover is available outside the UK before making any plans.

Will my caravan still be covered if I leave it unattended for long periods of time?

Yes, as long as there is someone nearby who can keep an eye on it at all times (such as friends or family) then you will still be covered by your policy. It is also important to remember that someone must remain present at all times during transit even if this is only for a few minutes!

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