The Best Caravan Park in Broome 2022

The Best Caravan Park in Broome 2022
The Best Caravan Park in Broome 2022


Are you a caravanner that loves exploring new parks and places? If yes, you will love to try out the Caravan Park in Broome. Today, we will be looking at the best caravan parks in Broome, specifically on the perfect Deluxe Caravan park. You will not want to miss out on this.

Finding the Perfect Deluxe Caravan Park

Deluxe caravan parks are highly recognized as some of the best in Dorset and the South West. The Deluxe Caravan park was established in 2002 and had a prime location at both the Golden Cap Holiday Park and Highlands End Holiday Park. The parks are luxurious and spacious, including passes for  Highlands End Leisure Club, Wi-Fi access, an indoor heated swimming pool, steam, and sauna room. In terms of safety, they are ranked high, and they offer some of the best activities and experiences you can engage in when caravanning. Indeed this is an excellent place for a holiday caravan.

The Perfect Deluxe Caravan Park contains facilities such as:

  • Highlands End Holiday Park has Highlands End Leisure Club with a swimming pool, steam and sauna room, 
  • Nature trail
  • Pitch ‘n’ putt course, 
  • Children’s soft play
  •  Martin’s Bar & Restaurant includes live sport, events, Sunday carvery, Costa Coffee, etc. Also, it is dog–friendly.

Protecting Yourself from Common Problems

There are common caravan park problems that caravanners face every time. It is necessary to know the problems and how to protect yourself from them.

Below are the common caravan park problems and ways to prevent them.

1. Going for a bigger tent

One of the common caravan park mistakes is going with a smaller tent. A smaller tent will make it difficult for the family to sleep or rest comfortably, especially when they are sleeping outside in the tent in the park. To protect yourself from this problem, ensure you always get a tent two or three people higher than the actual number of persons sleeping in it.

2. Check out your tent before leaving

Most times, some caravaners don’t check out their tents before leaving. When they get to the park, they discover that the tent pegs are missing, the presence of holes or holes on the tent roof, broken poles, and so many more, which can be frustrating. On this note, it is essential to check out your tent before leaving. Pitch the tent outside, and pour water over it to check for any leaks and whether it is waterproof and reliable.

3. Get to the caravan park before dark

You must get to the caravan park in broad daylight to carefully investigate the surroundings. It will give you time to check the park and its facilities such as showers, water supplies, toilets, wi-fi, etc.  

4. Always go with a decent gas cooking stove or spare gas canisters 

One common park mistake is relying on the barbecue for cooking, as barbecue can be very tiring. Even the biggest burger fan gets sick of flame-charred meals after a couple of days. Moreover, lightening up a barbecue can be stressful and frustrating. So ensure you get insurance and get a decent gas cooking stove along.

5. Ensure you pack well all your essentials

One of the common caravan park mistakes is going to the park in a survivalist mode. This is absolutely wrong! Ensure you carefully pack all your essentials, especially your beddings and toiletries. Pack enough pillows and soft beds, including earplugs and eye masks. You should note that you are going on a holiday, and you must enjoy every bit of it.

6. Keep the meal simple

Meals should be kept simple. This is not a time to overeat and try out every dish. Most caravanners make this mistake at caravan parks, and they tend to eat and try out any dish that comes to their mind and fall ill after some days. When you are sick, you won’t enjoy your holiday. So eat responsibly.

7. Never cook in your tent

Cooking in your tent is a big mistake that you shouldn’t fall into. Cooking in tents may cause condensation, carbon monoxide poisoning, fire accidents, and death. All caravan parks have enough space to cook outside in well-ventilated areas. Some caravan parks have a policy prohibiting people from cooking inside the tent.

8. Bring enough lighting

The nights can be pretty dark, lonely, and long under the stars, and you will want to lighten up the areas a bit to be able to see clearly. You can either get battery-powered lighting or solar lanterns. A head torch is also essential, so checking them out before leaving is necessary.

9. Go with enough books, games, and play tools like toys

One of the common mistakes of caravanning is going without anything that can keep the family together on a very sunny or rainy day when they are enclosed in a tent. So it is necessary to bring enough games, tools or books to have an excellent family time and relaxation.

10. Ensure you don’t wear footwear inside the tent

You mustn’t wear footwear inside the tent. The tent is your sleeping place. So it will be unpleasant to turn your sleeping place into a mess by walking in with sandy or muddy sneakers. Also, ensure you keep your tent clean at all times.


What are the Different Types of Caravan Parks in Australia?

Looking for the best caravan park types in Australia, below are the five best caravan parks you will love to try out in Australia.

  1.  Esperance Seafront Caravan Park

Esperance seafront is the home of most of Australia’s stunning coastline, and its beaches are the best in the world.

The Esperance Seafront Caravan Park is located at the seafront of Esperance Bay, which is just 50m from a safe swimming beach. You will not want to miss seeing the resident sea lions that live under the fishing jetty.

Details:  $26/night, Goldfields Road, Esperance, (08) 9071 1251.

  1. Monkey Mia

Do you love swimming with dolphins? The Monkey Mia is one of Australia’s most beautiful and rare caravan parks, where dolphins visit regularly, and it offers a human-dolphin interaction program for free. You can also enjoy snorkeling, boating, camel ride, or an Aboriginal Cultural Walk.

Monkey Mia

Details: $31/night, (08) 9948 1320

  1. Peoples Park Caravan Village, Coral Bay

If you want to bathe in warm ocean waters and swim with manta rays, reef sharks, and whale sharks without being attacked, you have to visit the Peoples Park Caravan Village, Coral Bay. It maintains perfect weather year-round.

Details:  $32/night, Lot 11, Robinson St, Coral Bay, (08) 9942 5933

  1. Cairns Coconut Holiday Resort

The  BIG4 camping resort is a multi-winning resort that is one of the great places to get your kids entertained. The resort is just seven minutes from the town center, and the best thing is that all activities are free. It consists of tennis courts, a huge adventure playground, an 18-hole minigolf, three swimming pools, volleyball, badminton, basketball, jumping pillow, outdoor movies, etc.

Details:  $36/night, Corner of Bruce Hwy and Anderson Rd, Cairns, (07) 4054 6644

Cairns Coconut
  1. Dalrymple Tourist Van Park Charters Towers

Charters Towers is the best place to enjoy first-class country hospitality and first-class facilities. The ladies’ toilets are decorated with freshly picked flowers to make your stay pleasurable. Also, you get to explore the toasting marshmallows at Dalrymple’s campfire.

Details:  $25/night, 24 Dalrymple Rd, Charters Towers, (07) 4787 1121.

What is the Average Cost of a Night’s Stay at a Caravan Park?

Cheaper Caravan parks charge $20 – $35 per night for an unpowered site, while the luxurious ones cost as much as $200 per night for a family of 4 on a powered site.

In Australia, unpowered sites run from 30 to AUD 55 per night, while powered sites cost around $35 to AUD 65 per night,

When Should I Get a Pass or Membership for My Caravan Park Trip?

You must get a caravan park membership, enabling you to enjoy some membership benefits. Some of the benefits you get the privilege to enjoy n because you are a caravan park member include:

  • Free Member offer like activities and access to facilities.
  • Friendship and support from other caravaners.
  • Free entry and access to social clubs or close to the park.
  • Free advice and technical support for your caravan
  • Subsided Costs

Caravan Park Reviews – Our Ranking of the Top 5 Caravan Parks in Broome

Below is the ranking of the five best caravan parks in brome.

  • Cable Beach Caravan Park – Rating: 8/10
  • Broome Caravan Park – Rating: 7/10
  • Broome Vacation Village – Rating: 6/10
  • Tarangau Caravan Park – Rating: 5/10
  • Roebuck Bay Caravan Park – Rating: 5/10

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Broome is one of the most excellent places to have a fantastic holiday period. Before choosing caravan parks or holiday spots, check whether your insurance covers them. Never go beyond your budget or your insurance contrast. If you really love to explore nature, I will advise you to begin making your plans now, and start contacting your insurance providers, and you will love the experience.

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