Best Family Caravan Parks In UK 2022.

Introduction: What is a caravan and What Are Some Popular Types?

In simple terms, a caravan refers to a motorable home, specially designed to have some holiday experience without missing the comfort of the home.

In other words, a caravan can be seen as a vehicle without an engine that can be pulled

by either a van or a car. It contains a bed, cooking materials, and everything essential to give it the holiday experience today we will be looking at caravan parks in the uk.

As a Uk caravanner, it is essential you get to know the popular types of caravans to make a good decision about the holiday.

There are seven popular types of caravan, and they are:

1.    Pop-out Caravans

Pop-out caravans are specifically designed for larger families. They contain pop-out compartments on both ends of the van, where you can add additional items like a bed. It is perfectly suitable for large families who want enough sleeping spacing without cutting from the storage space.

2.    Regular Caravan

These are the first type of caravan that comes to your mind anything you think of purchasing a caravan. It is the regular caravan you can quickly see around. They are full-bodied vans with four walls and a full-height roof.

However, they can vary in length and height. They are fuss-free and can adapt to any weather condition. Additionally, they have a moderate amount of storage space within the van but are not suitable for larger families with adults.

3.    Pop-up Caravans

The Pop-up caravans are similar to a regular caravan, but it doesn’t feature roof storage like the regular caravan. Here, you have to fold the roof when not in use. When you are ready to sleep, or during a sunny or rainy day, you can put up the roof back, which gives you about half a meter of headroom.

Even though this looks stressful, it is more beneficial than the normal roof like the one found in the regular caravan. Due to the not very tall height of the roof, it helps to reduce wind resistance when towing, which is perfect if you are driving on a freeway or highway. Also, there are easier to pack in the garage at home.

4.    Camper Trailer

This type of caravan is lightweight, and it folds down neatly into a smaller size around the trailer. Due to their lightweight, you can easily tow it with a smaller car. They are more comfortable than the tent trailer and easier to set up.

5.    Tent Trailer

A tent trailer, in simple terms, is basically a trailer that features a pull-out tent and is best if you have a small vehicle. You can easily store all your items within the trailer, and it is entirely light and easy to pack away.

6.    Motorhome

If you are planning a very long trip, then the Motorhome is the best option. Basically, the motorhome is both a caravan and car all-in-one. Here, you don’t have to set it up, and you can easily fit the inside with all forms of comforts you can find at home. The disadvantage here is that the car isn’t separate from your temporary home. So if you are going sightseeing, you have to drag your home with you.

7.    Fifth-Wheelers

The fifth-wheeler is a larger caravan, and unlike other types of caravan, the fifth-wheelers require a larger vehicle to tow it, basically a large trunk. Because of their large sizes, not all campsites accept them. So if you are booking a campsite, you have to notify them that it is a fifth-wheeler so that they can plan for it, probably create additional space, or decline you.  

However, this caravan is the best for large families with adults, as the room is spacious and comfortable. Also, it does come with a great master bedroom set-up over the top of the hitch for the parent to enjoy exclusive privacy and comfort.

Best Family Caravan Parks In UK 2022.

 Types of Caravan Parks in the UK

Below are the best caravan parks in the UK. Some are budget caravan parks, while some are luxury caravan parks. Do go through them to see what suits you.

1.    Haven Perran Sands

The Haven Perran Sands features beach houses (hot tub inclusive), furnished chalets, caravans, geo-domes, yurts, and safari tents. There are different accommodation types here to suit your different tastes and budget.

A remarkable feature of this caravan park is that it contains an on-site surfing school, where you can learn how to surf like a pro. Additionally, it houses six food and drinks venues – you can decide which to feast in.

  • Location – Perranporth, Cornwall, England.
  • Best for – Learning to surf the waves and all-year-round dog walks on the beach
  • To book, click here
2.  Haven Burnham-on-Sea

Are you a fishing lover, then the Haven Burham-on-Sea is a perfect place for you to relax in its own Coarse Fishing Lake and Match Fishing Lake? You need to try this out!

I know that some people say that fishing is boring, but if you think so, visit here and see that fishing can be fun and adventurous.  

Also, this resort doubles as one of the best kids caravan parks featuring abundant family activities, for instance, it contains a boating lake, water flume, sports court, bungee trampolines, crazy golf, etc. to make the family relax and play together. Also, you have the privilege to visit the historic Cheddar Gorge to catch mouth-watering views in Somerset.

  • Location – Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, England
  • Best for – Visiting the world-famous Cheddar Gorge and fishing lakes
  • To book, click here.
3. Haven Devon Cliffs

This caravan is the perfect place for a seaside holiday with your family and friends if you are a seaside lover. The Haven Devon Cliff is next to the Blue Flag award-winning Sandy Bay Beach, located up high on the rust-colored cliffs, renowned for the Devonshire coastline.

The Haven Devon Cliff features enough facilities to keep the family busy and forget about exploring into the deep. Some of its facilities include:

Three outdoor play areas for the kids

  • A climbing wall
  • A nature trail,
  • An ariel adventure course.
  • Two entertainment venues,
  • A bowling alley and a
  • An indoor pool,

Unlike other UK caravan parks that feature mostly outdoor games that weather can interrupt, here, you have the privilege to enjoy yourself to the best regardless of the weather.

Additionally, you can visit some of the best seaside towns, such as Torquay and Paignton, famously known for the Devon cream tea.

  • Location – Exmouth, Devon, England
  • Best for – Visiting Dartmoor and Panoramic sea views
  • To book, click here.

4. Park Holidays UK Sandhills

If you are looking for a private, quiet, and tranquil beach, especially newly couples, lovers, or small families, the Sandhill is the best park. It is smaller than most UK caravan parks.  

It features some of the most luxurious lodges and apartments where you can keep yourself busy with the promenade and watch the waves roll in by the sandhill.

It contains all the usual facilities you need, including an on-site designated children’s pool designed to train children and allow them to have their fun separately. In addition, it contains a main outdoor pool, an adventure play area for the kids, and a family bar and grants you access to the buzz of Bournemouth, New Forest, bright lights, or the Steamer Point Nature Reserve, which is just 30 minutes away from the park.

  • Location – Mudeford, Dorset, England
  • Best for – Peaceful family days by the beach and visiting the New Forest National Park
  • To book, click here

5. Parkdean Resorts Sunnydale

Parkdean Resorts Sunnydale is the perfect choice of Caravan Park if you are seeking to know Lincolnshire better this year. It is located close to the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve and 28-minutes away from the Lincolnshire Wolds, making it the best place for walking, fishing, and bird-watching.,

It contains a lot of facilities ranging from the following:

  • Kids clubs
  • An indoor swimming pool
  • Entertainment venue
  • Amusement arcade, and
  • A soft play area for kids

If you are a great fan of exploring the local areas, you will find this place even more fun, as it gets you close to a variety of animals, from farm animals to small furries to birds. You also get an opportunity to try out horse-riding at Brook House Farm, thereby allowing you to enjoy a local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on horse-back, inclusively of the many bridle paths.

  • Location – Louth, Lincolnshire, England
  • Best for – Local family-friendly and nature attractions 
  • To visit, book here.
Best Family Caravan Parks In UK 2022.


If you live in the UK, you don’t need to go far to have a perfect holiday. Do go through this park and check which suits your taste and budget. If you are looking for a caravan park in the UK on budget, you will have to upscale it. Most luxury caravan parks aren’t very cheap, but they ensure your safety and high-quality fun and relaxation.

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