Static Caravan Insurance UK [2022]

Insurance policy for your static caravan

The static caravan uses the majority of its life in a vacation park, unlike touring caravans. These caravans may also be referred to as “vacation homes,” “mobile homes,” “park homes,” or “holiday lodges.” Traditional brick and mortar homes are far more expensive than static caravans, which typically have many of the amenities you would expect in a home.

Benefits of Having a Static Caravan

Once upon a time, touring caravans may have been the first port of call for British staycations. In reality, though, there are numerous advantages to owning a static caravan, whether it’s a vacation home or a lodge.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • You can make money through subletting when you’re not using the static trailer. This additional revenue can then be used to pay for the maintenance of vacation homes or to purchase additional caravans.
  • Maintaining a static trailer is less expensive than a regular vacation home.
  • You are free to visit your vacation property at any time. Having a static caravan eliminates the need to explore travel brochures, regardless of whether you’re planning a weekend escape or a longer vacation.
  • You can customize your vacation houses to your liking. Want to add additional home amenities? No issue. Are you seeking caravan designs with a modern twist? Get it done!
  • Typically, a static caravan will have access to a water, gas, and electrical mains supply. This includes hot showers and a fully functional toilet.
  • Vacation homes are typically more spacious than touring caravans, allowing you to accommodate the entire family. Some vacation homes are fourteen feet wide by forty-two feet long!
  • Central heating, double glazing, a washing machine, a dishwasher, a spa tub, and more can be added inside your static caravan.
  • You can secure your static caravan in a variety of breathtaking locations. Whether you live in North Wales, Scotland, or one of England’s beach cities, you have access to the most beautiful countryside in the United Kingdom.
  • A vehicle towing a touring caravan will require more gasoline, but static caravans only use electricity and occasionally gas, making the latter more eco-friendly.

What Does Static Caravan Insurance Cover?

Static caravan insurance provides protection against loss or damage to your caravan and its contents, often covering perils such as fire, water, storm, burglary, and subsidence.

  • Loss or damage to your caravan’s structure (including any part of the veranda, the permanent storage units which have been agreed by the local park management with its specifications, built-in equipment, installations, fittings, furnishings, and utensils that came with the caravan at the time you purchased it)
  • Loss of rent owed to you if your caravan cannot be occupied due to insured damage – up to £400 per week (£1,200 total).
  • The accidental destruction of permanent glass and sanitary fixtures
  • Replacement of external door locks in the event of key loss or theft – up to £250.
  • If you are proven legally accountable (as the owner or occupant) for injury to a third party or damage to their property, this policy will cover you up to £5,000,000.
  • Any accidental damage to service wires and underground pipelines for which you are legally liable is your responsibility.

Optional coverage:

Coverage for loss or damage to your belongings

Static Caravan
Static Caravan Insurance

How Much Does a Static Insurance cost?

Your static caravan insurance may cost more or less overall based on a number of factors. These consist of:

  • The value of your static caravan. The insurance rate rises in direct proportion to the cost of your caravan.
  • Where your camper is kept. Your insurance rate may increase if it is kept in a location with inadequate security.
  • The value of the contents. Your rate will go up if you want to include pricey goods in your content insurance and retain them in your static caravan.
  • Your history of claims. Having a history of not filing claims will lower your rate.
  • Other security measures you may have. Installing additional security measures like cameras on your caravan can help keep your insurance cost.

Anything else you want your caravan insurance to cover, your rate is likely to increase if you add more extras to your caravan insurance.

In 2020, a static caravan will pay an annual insurance cost of about £300 with a £160 excess. When you consider that the average price of a static caravan is around £45,000 that represents

The pricing difference between this and, say, the insurance for a travel trailer is quite striking.

Although the value of a static caravan is likely to be five times larger than that of a touring caravan, the average insurance rate is almost twice as expensive. Here, the keyword is “static.” Touring caravans are frequently towed from one location to another, and the UK’s motorways are where accidental damage is most likely to happen.

Types Static Caravan Insurance

You could need static insurance coverage if you decide to live in your caravan. This protects the caravan’s structure and is comparable to a homeowner’s policy. The following coverage types are frequently included with static caravan insurance:

  • New for Old coverage: this coverage pays to replace your caravan with one that is an equivalent model and price if it is stolen or damaged.
  • Market value coverage: Market value compensates you for the caravan’s current market value.
  • Storm coverage: Storm coverage pays for weather-related damage to your camper.
  • Contents coverage: This insurance policy provides coverage for any loss or damage to your personal property.
  • Homecare emergency: In the event of a covered emergency, such as a plumbing or electrical disaster, a Homecare emergency will pay for the cost of emergency services for your travel trailer.

It is recommended to choose an insurance plan that can cover the caravan’s actual worth. If you don’t, you might have to pay for the damages out of your own pocket.

What You Need to Keep in Mind When Getting Your Insurance for Your Static Caravan

We’ve included the following factors to assist you to evaluate which insurance provider can provide the best quote:

  1. What would you want to be covered for?

You can divide your insurance payments into two portions. The static caravan and the value of its contents. Permanent fixtures and fittings are included in the cost of the caravan.

2. What is the value of your caravan?

Depending on whether you go for new for old or market value, you must know either the caravan’s market worth or its new value. The replacement value of static caravans is more than the value of the pitch itself.

3. Will you sublease your static caravan?

Ensure that your policy provides coverage for damages caused by people who rent or sublease your caravan or lodge.

The aforementioned factors will assist you in locating the best caravan insurance deal and ensuring that you obtain the correct coverage for the type of static house you own.

Where and how can I Get the best Static Caravan Insurance?

It is essential to decide on a dependable static caravan insurance provider, and fortunately, there is a wide variety of alternatives available. 

It can be quite a challenging endeavour in and of itself to look for a homeowner’s insurance provider if this is the first time you have ever owned a permanent residence and been responsible for making those arrangements.

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Static Caravan Insurance In 2022.

We highly recommend doing extensive research, which includes looking at the website of a static caravan insurance provider, reading reviews, and calling the company to discuss your requirements. This is all part of the research process that you should undertake.

There are a lot of companies that offer static caravan insurance, and many of them have agents working for them to help consumers find the right policy for their homes. You should most definitely utilize these professionals, and you should ask all of the queries that are currently running through your head.

There is a great deal of information that must be known, including how to obtain clear information on excesses and how to break down the calculation of numbers.–bgKBMhoCZU8QAvD_BwE


What insurance do I need for a static caravan?

A caravan or motorhome that serves as your primary dwelling is covered by park home or mobile home insurance. Your requirements will be quite similar to those for home insurance coverage if your caravan serves as your primary residence.

Is it compulsory to have caravan insurance?

Is caravan insurance necessary? You are not required by law to have caravan insurance. However, over 4,000 caravans are stolen each year, and even when the caravan is parked in your driveway, there is always the possibility of accidental damage. Most accidents and damages occurred while towing your caravan.

Does house insurance cover your caravan?

No, it doesn’t. Even if you keep your trailer at home, the majority of home insurance policies do not automatically cover it. The contents of your caravan may be covered by home insurance, but the caravan itself may not be protected against things like fire, flooding, or theft.

When is the best time to buy a static caravan?

One of the best times to get a good deal on the purchase of a mobile home or caravan is at the end of the season. A large number of people make the decision to either sell their properties or relocate, which means that there will be a wide variety of options accessible.

How long do static caravans last?

What is the lifespan of static caravans? Static caravans can last for many years with proper care. Many mobile homes that have been in use for 20 or 30 years or longer still function. This is so because you can repair or renew any part at any time by replacing it.


If you own a static caravan and want peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected against any damage caused by natural disasters or human hands then it is best that you get a static caravan insurance policy today!

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