The Complete Guide to RV Resorts in Connecticut and How They are Disrupting Vacation Travel in 2022.

Introduction: What is an RV Resort?

The words RV park, RV campground, and RV resorts are common words most of us know.  Most of the time, people tend to interchange the meaning of RV park with RV campground, RV resorts and vacation travel in Connecticut.

Suppose we are talking about an RV resort. In that case, we are talking about a whole gambit of amenities, including a clubhouse, poolside, tennis courts, laundry facilities, fitness centers, seaside fun facilities, eateries, hook up, wireless internet service, bathhouse with showers, shuttle services, pet’s parks, etc. with conducive accommodation and privacy.

Basically, when you hear the word RV Resort, you are to expect deluxe accommodations with extra amenities than your usual RV park. However, Motorhome resorts are basically like RV resorts. Still, the resorts are meant explicitly for motorhome leisure vehicles, unlike RV resorts that allow all types of RVs, including campers, caravans, motorhomes, fifth-wheelers, etc.

You can say that a motor home resort is an RV destination where people can stay in their own motorhome. They offer various services such as water and electric hookups, laundry facilities, showers, bathrooms, and more. Some are resorts with pools and other amenities like restaurants and golf courses.

On the other hand, RV Parks are woodier or park-like here, where you can park your RV and tent outdoors. It does not offer privacy and seclusion like the RV resort.

How RV Resorts can Help with 5 Amazing Use Cases

The benefits of an RV resort cannot be underestimated. They are of immense benefits, especially this present time when parents are searching for the best way to escape the bustling of the cities into a quiet, comfortable place with their kids for a holiday. 

Below are five amazing RV resort benefits you won’t want to miss.

  1. Convenience

RV resorts help ensure you enjoy a smooth camping experience. This is possible by providing facilities and amenities to make you feel at home. They include a constant supply of water, free Wi-Fi, a good drainage system, hot showers, restaurants, beer shops, a good toilet system, etc. Here, you aren’t bothered about charging your gadgets, for there is always a power supply, nor are you thinking of where to take a good shower. Also, some RV resorts offer pet spaces where you can keep your pets, and you are sure that they are fine.

  1. Full Hookups

Most appliances that we use daily require high wattage to be on. Even though you use battery pier or off-grid inverters, it won’t be suitable, especially for appliances such as blow dryers and air fryers. With full hookups provided by the resorts, you can use your appliance anytime you want without bothering or thinking about it.

  1. High Hygiene Standard

Outdoor camping can sometimes be messy, but with an RV Resort, you are sure to get outdoor camping in a clean and neat environment. You don’t have to shower less to save water, flush the toilet after a number of two have used it, or wash your hands less – there is a constant supply of water. RV resort gives you the certainty of having a camping experience while observing high hygienic standards.

  1. Long term stay

Unlike contemporary outdoor camping, where you camp in a forest or mountainous areas for a couple of days, RV resorts give you access to the camp for at least a month. However, not all RV parks allow for monthly stays. Also, the availability of numerous facilities and amenities makes your stay comfortable.

  1. Assurance of Security

 Contemporary forest or mountain camping is free, but security is not assured, as you can easily be attacked by wild animals around. An RV resort offers you security while camping. Paid RV resorts that provide full hookups have premium security. Most times, these parks are less isolated. Amusement centers and site attractions always surround them. And you know how the saying goes, there is always safety in numbers.

What are the Best RV Resorts and Campgrounds in the State of Connecticut?

Connecticut offers some of the best RV resorts and campgrounds globally, and they vary in facilities and budget. All you have to do is go through them and choose the one that suits your needs more.

1.    Charlie Brown Campground

  • Charlie Brown Campground
  • 98 Chaplin Rd
  • Eastford, Connecticut 6242
  • (860) 974-0142

Charlie Brown Campground is located in Eastford, a quiet town in Connecticut. It is private and secluded, and close to the city. It is one of the best RV spots for trailer caravans or large families looking for somewhere cool to chill out. Due to its proximity to the city, you can easily carry out an RV rental.

This campground features barbecues, potlucks, card tournaments, and watersports, including swimming and access to the Mystic Seaport or the Connecticut science center. Also, you have access to visit and eat out in the many delicious restaurants. The best part of this campground is that it has an on-site mechanic that helps to help you out in the case that your RV breaks down during your stay in the campground.

To learn more, do visit the website!

Charlie Brown Campground

2.    Cozy Hills Campground

  • Cozy Hills Campground
  • 1311 Bantam Rd
  • Bantam, Connecticut 6750
  • (860) 567-2119

Cozy Hills is one of the best RV campgrounds in CT for a long stay. It is located in Bantam, near Litchfield, CT. it houses 124 sites with full hookups and access to campground showers, including 30 and 50 amp connections.

Going further, the Cozy Hills Campground is a full-service store featuring a café, arcade, free Wi-Fi, 24/7 bathrooms, and showers. The Campground offers golf cart rentals to drive around the campsite, including canoe rentals to spend a day on the water.Error! Filename not specified.

To learn more, do visit the website!

Cozy Hills Campground

3.    Witch Meadow Lake Family Campground

  • Witch Meadow Lake Family Campground
  • 139 Witch Meadow Rd
  • Salem, Connecticut 6420
  • (860) 859-1542

Witch Meadow Lake is a 14-acre lakeside RV campground in Connecticut that offers you opportunities for boating, hydro bikes, swimming, and swan paddleboats. It offers a serene environment that gives you the best vacation experience. Here, you can engage in plenty of things to keep you busy and entertained. They are ping-pong, video games, tennis, and basketball games, including an adult lounge with free Wi-Fi and a new heated pool. You also access the recreation hall, complete with pinball and 24/7 laundry services.

To learn, do visit the website!

Witch Meadow Lake Family Campground

4.    Brialee RV & Tent Park

  • Brialee RV & Tent Park
  • 174 Laurel Ln
  • Ashford, Connecticut 6278

(860) 429-8359The Brialee RV & Tent Park is a family-owned RV park that the Specyalski family has taken since 1974. The world-class infrastructure of this camp has made it one of the best in the state.

In April and May, Brialee offers you the opportunities to enjoy all their amenities for as low as $20 per night! I am talking about an RV park with a golf course, pool, full hookups, laundry facilities, and themed weekend event activities. Is it wonderful

To learn more, do visit the website!

Brialee RV & Tent Park

5.    Countryside RV Park

  • Countryside RV Park
  • 75 Cook Hill Rd
  • Jewett City, Connecticut 6351
  • (860) 376-0029

Countryside RV Park is located just 38 miles south of Providence, Rhode Island, which is in proximity to the best RV dealerships in the town of Griswold, CT. This RV park is known for its quiet, serene environment, and it offers a lot of exciting activities.

You can spend the whole day on the water fishing in the pond, enjoy your kids on the artificial sand beach, or head straight to the swimming pool. In addition, you can visit the library to pick a game or movie of your choice.

Due to its proximity to a town, you have access to visit the Mystic Aquarium or Seaport Museum, where you get to see centuries-old ships and other famous exhibits.

To learn more, do visit the website!

6.    Branch Brook Campground

  • Branch Brook Campground
  • 435 Watertown Rd
  • Thomaston, Connecticut 6787

(860) 283-8144Branch Brook Campground is located just off Route 6 in Thomaston and is one of Connecticut’s best RV campgrounds. It is a well-maintained park that allows you to visit nearby attraction sites such as state parks and amusement parks.

The Branch Brook Campground is the perfect campground for families and those planning to stay for a long term. You get access to a plethora of attractions that you get to enjoy just 30 minutes from the campground. Some include a local farm or zoo, including a spa to get complete and utter relaxation. You can opt for something exciting such as car racing or river rafting.

To learn more, do visit the website!

7.    Riverdale Farm Campsite

  • Riverdale Farm Campsite
  • 111 River Rd,
  • Clinton, Connecticut 6413
  • (860) 669-5388

The Riverdale Farm Campsite is part of a 100-acre farm well covered with shady wooded areas and green meadows, and the best part is that it is located on the waterfront. If you are a nature lover and want to connect to nature, this is the best RV campsite.

This park has a number of local attractions, beautiful scenery, clean facilities, and different amenities. You enjoy many activities ranging from swimming, tennis, video arcade, ping-pong, fishing, volleyball, pool tables, softball, horseshoe, and much more.  You even have access to the beach at nearby Hammonasset Beach State Park.

To learn more, do visit the website!

8.    Hidden Acres Family Campground

  • Hidden Acres Family Campground
  • 47 River Rd, Preston, CT 06365
  • Preston, Connecticut 6365
  • (860) 887-9633

The Hidden Acres Family Campground is located right off the Quinebaug River in Preston, Connecticut, and is the complete and perfect choice of a family outdoor camping site. This RV campground houses a craft shop,  petting farm, and fire engine rides. 

This campground offers activities for both adults and kids to cover the needs of the whole family, which include full hookup, free Wi-Fi, riverfront sites, and a general store where you can get anything you want. Also, you have access to visit the Mystic Seaport,  Foxwoods Resort Casino, and Museum. In addition, to its  Good Sam-affiliated RV campground, this campground undoubtedly is one of the highest quality RV parks in Connecticut.

To learn more, do visit the website!

9.    Grandview Camping & Cottages…

  • Grandview Camping & Cottages
  • 89 North Moodus Rd
  • Moodus, Connecticut 06469-1144
  • (860) 873-3332

If you are a fan of baiting and kayaking, you can opt-in for the Grandview Camping & Cottages, where you can access the Salmon River. As a camper in Grandview, you get to have a rustic feel.

Here, you can spend your day roasting marshmallows over a campfire, relaxing by the pool, or shooting hoops on the basketball court. Also, the restrooms are renovated to give you ultimate comfort.

To learn more, do visit the website!

10.               Salem Farms Campground

  • Salem Farms Campground
  • 39 Alexander Rd
  • Salem, Connecticut 6420
  • (860) 859-2320

The Salem Farm Campground is a family-owned campground featuring free Wi-Fi and cable television, and you have access to relax at any of the two pools or head to the animal petting zoo. On hotter days, you get to enjoy an ice cream sundae or a milkshake from the ice cream stand.

To learn more, do visit the website!

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Connecticut is a great state to enjoy some outdoor camping experiences. Do go through the above best RV campgrounds and Resorts and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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