Best Caravan Park in Broken hill in 2022.


Camping with your family and friends is a great way to escape from the bustle of city life into the warmth of nature. It is one of the great ways to rest, relax and catch up with family. This cannot be fully achieved without getting a good caravan park.

Broken Hill is one of the great places to camp and enjoys your weekends. Below are the nine best caravan parks on offer in Broken Hill that you would like to check out. They are: 

  • Broken Hill Tourist Park
  • Gateway Motor Inn
  • Lake View Caravan Park
  • Penrose Park Silverton
  • Broken Hill Outback Resort
  • The Acacia Campground
  • Dingo Paddle Holiday Park
  • The Baycaravan Park
  • Tres Rios
Caravan Park in Broken hill

The Baycaravan Park

The Bay Caravan Park is a family-owned caravan park located within 27 acres of St. Mary’s Well Bay set on the clifftop.

Bay caravan park is the best location to enjoy sea-side life and countryside life. It is only designated for static holiday caravans. However, there is no provision for tents, tourers, motorhomes, etc. Here, you can’t use a caravan as the main accommodation– you have to provide a residential address.

You get to enjoy the natural beauty of the woodlands, including a privately-owned beach. Also, you get a clear unparalleled view of the Bristol Channel of the Avon and Somerset coastlines, including the steep Holm and the islands of Flat Holm. This would be one of the best holiday sites if you went on a tour in Wales.

Tres Rios

Tres Rios is one of the best caravan parks on Broken Hill that covers about 700 acres around the Salt River, providing a vital wetland and riparian habitat. This is one of the best holiday locations to enjoy the beauty of nature. The Tres Rios is home to more than 150 different birds and animals like raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, skunks, muskrats, and beavers.

Tres Rios is solely designated for static caravans and offers different accommodations for caravanners to book and live while enjoying their holiday.

Dingo Paddle Holiday Park

Dingo Paddle Holiday Park is located on the Broken Hill and is covered by ancient rainforests and eucalypt forests to give a pleasing feel of nature. In Dingo Paddle Holiday Park, pets are allowed. There is a provision of sufficient toilets and drinking water facilities. There is a provision to store your camper trailers and caravans. You have access to water bodies where you can swim and fish. Also, you get to enjoy other activities that include:

  • Boat Hire
  • Kayaking / Canoeing
  • Bushwalking
  • Fishing
  • Island Camping Transfers
  • Snorkeling

The Acacia Campground

Acacia Flat campground is a rare breed of intrepid campers who have enjoyed the solidity of the most secluded wilderness areas in the Blue mountains. It comprises 30 campsites which include tent, Remote, and backpack camping. You can camp amongst the rough-barked apple and stringybarks while enjoying the fresh hair. There is provision for tent accommodations that allows you a beautiful glimpse of nature. You can easily trek to the bush to

The Acacia Flat campground is best for you if you’re a birdwatcher. The Blue Gum Forest is a haven for birds and wildlife and is easy to access from the park.  

Top 5 Things to Consider Looking for in a Broken Hill Caravan Park

The five must things to look for in a caravan park are:

  • Location
  • Safety
  • Facilities and Accessibility
  • Activities
  • Cost
Caravan Park in Broken hill

Location is the most important thing to consider when choosing a caravan park; humans have different preferences. Some prefer the countryside, some coastal areas, while others prefer woodland areas. Choosing a caravan site must be situated in a good location. A location should be easily accessible via road. You will not like to damage your vehicle or encounter a rough ride when going to a caravan park.,141.4286784,16.25z?hl=en

Another aspect to check is whether the site is big enough to contain your caravan. A good location should have space to park your caravan and space to be able to cook meals outside, play, and have some outdoor games. Also, it should be peaceful at night. It


Safety is one of the things to look out for when choosing a caravan park. I will advise you to prioritize safety, which becomes highly necessary when it involves children.

Due to safety reasons, you should avoid caravan parks with open water. This is because children and pets can fall into the water and cause harm to themselves. Even a small pond is risky for children, except if you are a swimmer and aren’t going with children or pets.

If the caravan park is in the woodland, you should consider how dense it is. Children might get lost in the woods. Also, there are incidents of branches falling on children.

Facilities and Accessibility

With over a thousand caravan parks in Australia, you have many options. Some big and advanced caravan parks provide free hot showers, WI-Fi, laundries, washrooms, and toilet facilities. For example, the Dingo Paddle Holiday Park offers many water and toilet facilities. So you must carry out some research and decide on those that offer the facilities that suit your need. Also, recreational centers around should be easily accessed from the caravan park.


Research stated that 90% of caravanners leave home to engage in other activities. So this should be one of the things to check out while choosing a caravan park. Caravan park like Dingo Paddle Holiday Park allows boat hiring, bushwalking, fishing, etc. Some allow for activities like hiking, swimming, and sightseeing (like Acacia Flat campground, which is the best sightseeing for birds). So make your search on the activities each of these caravan parks offers, and choose the one that suits you more.


Caravan parks come at different prices. Some are more lucrative than others, while some are cheaper. After considering the above four conditions, the next you need to check out is the cost of the park. Your budget will influence this condition. Ensure you choose one that aligns with your budget. The more lucrative caravan parks have more facilities than the cheap ones. For a better adventure, the more lucrative caravan parks will do. 

Travelers Who Want to Experience Luxury Should Check Out These Five Destinations in Broken Hill!

Below are the luxury accommodations near the broken hill that you should explore to enjoy a nice time.

Imperial Fine Accommodation

  1. Location: 88 Oxide Street, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
  2. Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0
  3. Cost: The price is AU$190 per night from

Imperial Fine Accommodation is located at the heart of Broken Hill. You can easily find it within a 5-minute walk from Silver City Mint and Art Center and Stuart Park.

Royal Exchange Hotel

  • Location: 320 Argent Street, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
  • Rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Cost: The price is AU$159 per night

Royal Exchange Hotel is situated on the Broken Hill, located within a 5-minute walk of Art Centre, Broken Hill Regional Art, and Silver City Mint.

Lodge Outback Motel

  • Location: 252 Mica Street, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
  • Rating: 3 out of 5
  • Cost: The price is AU$173 per night

Lodge Outback Motel is located at the heart of Broken Hill, and you can access a 6-minute walk from Art Centre, Silver City Mint, and 12 minutes.


Broken Hill contains one of Australia’s most photographed and fancy parks and accommodations. It is one of the most holiday spots for residents and non-residents. You can try it out by first checking out the five best caravan parks on Broken Hills listed above. They are: The Baycaravan Park, Dingo Paddle Holiday Park, Tres Rios, The Acacia Campground, and Penrose Park Silverton.

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