What is Caravan Insurance in UK 2022.

Are you a Caravan lover? Do you live in the UK and you are looking for the best Caravan insurance provider? If yes, you are on the right page. The above questions will be answered, occupied with other information you need to make a good choice while choosing a caravan insurance provider in the UK.

How to Choose the Best Caravan Insurance Provider in the UK 

To choose the best caravan insurance provider in the UK, I advise you first to check out the top caravan insurance provider and choose amongst them. Don’t go choosing randomly. Ensure you do it strategically to get the best.


Below are the 5 top caravan insurance providers UK

  1. Caravan Guard

Caravan guide is a specialist caravan insurance provider with 30+ years of experience. Its insurance policy covers many caravans, including campervans, holiday lodges, motorhomes, cars, and home insurance.

Caravan Guard policy extends to both static and touring caravans. Its static caravan insurance covers the public liability of £5 million, fixtures and fittings cover, key and lock of about £500, including emergency accommodation costs of around £75 a day for 15 days.

ts touring caravan policy covers new and old caravans (the caravan should be less than 15 years old), accidental damage, awning storm damage, storm, and flood damage

  1. Ripe Insurance 

Ripe Insurance is one of the top caravan insurance companies in the UK that provides insurance for caravans, cabins, chalets, lodges, and trailers.

Ripe’s caravan insurance covers both static and touring caravans.

The static caravan policy covers loss caused by theft, fire, damage, storm, and flood damage, including statics up to £175,000. It goes for not more than ten years for both new and old caravan. 

The touring caravan policy covers loss caused by damage and theft, including cover for tourers up to £75,000. It goes for new and old caravan, not more than 15 years. 

There are some basic things you need to consider when picking a caravan insurance provider, and they include:
  1. Towergate Insurance 

Towergate Insurance is another top caravan insurance provider UK established in 1997.

The Towergate static caravan policy includes the same elements as a standard static caravan policy, except the towing cover. Here, you have the option to add extras to tailor your policy to suit your needs.

The company’s touring caravan policy covers flood, storm, theft,  public liability, and accidental damage while towing (including family members in the towing caravan).

  1. Leisuredays Insurance 

Leisuredays is one of the best caravan insurance providers UK that offer only static caravan, including lodge, chalet, park home, and holiday home insurance.

Its static caravan cover includes public liability up to £5 million, including loss caused by theft, storm, fire, flood damage, accidental damage, fixtures and fittings, and keys and locks that cost up to £500. You can also add extra to meet your needs—for example, Legal expenses.

  1. Saga Insurance 

Saga insurance is a top insurer for the over 50s individuals covering travel, home, and car insurance, including other financial services. It has more than 65 decades of experience.

Saga caravan insurance covers only the touring caravan insurance policy for individuals aged 50 and over. Saga policy covers vandalism, contents, and personal belongings that cost about £1,500; personal accidents up to £20,000; recovery costs up to £3,500, and so many more. There are options for additional needs.

What are the Most Important Things You Should Know When Picking a Caravan Insurance Provider?

There are some basic things you need to consider when picking a caravan insurance provider, and they include:

1.    Caravan Insurance Policy Details 

This insurance policy detail is also referred to as the caravan protection plan, which refers to the areas the insurance is covering. Some caravan insurance only covers static, while other touring, while other both. Some insurance policy is for specific location and age groups. Some don’t cover the old caravan, while others do with a specified age grade of the van. So it is important that when choosing a caravan, you should go through their policy deals to see their scope of protection and conditions attached. If you are okay with it, you can go with it.

2.    The Caravan insurance cost? 

After going through their policy details, the next thing you should check is the caravan insurance cost. Is the cost okay for you?  Is it too expensive? If the insurance cost suits your budget, you can try considering it.

3.    The reliability of the Caravan Insurance Provider

The reliability of the caravan insurance provider matters a lot. Ensure you go through customer reviews and ask around before choosing a caravan insurance provider. The reliability of the insurance provider is what will make you trust your possession (caravan and everything inside) in their hands.

 How Much Does Caravan Insurance Cost in the UK?

According to research, the average cost of touring caravan insurance in the UK is around £300 for a caravan valued at £20,000. In contrast, static caravan insurance is below £300 for a caravan valued at £45,000. However, the caravan coverage cost varies from one brand of a caravan to another and the degree of the coverage scope.

How does Caravan Insurance work, Who is it Valid For, And What Are The Different Types?

Caravan insurance is a specific insurance policy that will pay if your caravan is engaged in loss caused by accident, theft, property damage, etc. It also covers personal liabilities, including property damage or injury to third parties. Most of the caravan insurance policies last for 12 months, and you can decide to pay monthly or annually. 

Validity: You must be up to 21 years and possess a driving license. 

The different types of caravan insurance include: 

  • Touring caravan insurance: This is specialized caravan insurance that covers the caravan in motion. This insurance protects your caravan against damage, theft, accident, or vandalism, including personal liabilities and third parties.
  • Static caravan insurance: This specific caravan protects the caravan that is situated at a permanent location, including park homes. It covers the caravan against theft, damages, loss of property, etc.
  • Motorhome insurance: This caravan insurance covers anything you drive, such as a campervan or motorhome.

What to Watch out for When Getting Caravan Insurance

There are certain things you must watch out for when getting caravan insurance. They are:

 What Exactly Does Your Insurance Cover?

There are things primary areas that caravan insurance covers. So you have to be specific about the aspect of caravan insurance, its covers, and its protection plans.

Are You Insured Overseas?

One of the essential things to enjoy about caravanning is the freedom to travel to beautiful and remote destinations in the UK and across Europe. So you have to watch out if it is insured overseas.

What Is Your Excess?

Have you ascertained what your excess is? Excess is what you will pay out of pocket for any insurance claims.

 Is That The Deal On Your Caravan Insurance?

Here, you have to ask yourself whether you are paying the right price. Where you good enough to negotiate for a reasonable price?

Caravan Insurance FAQs – the Most Common Questions from Potential Insurers

Below are the most asked questions on caravans and their insurance

Does a caravan have to be insured? 

It is not a legal requirement for you to have your caravan insured. But annually, 4,000 caravans are being stolen, coupled with the constant risk of accidental damages. You need to get caravan insurance to transfer the risk to the insurance provider.


Do caravans need MOT?

Caravans don’t need MOT, but it is your responsibility to make sure the caravan is safe to travel as an owner. Also, it’s advised that you carry out service on your van annually to thoroughly examine whether it is roadworthy and whether the electrical and mechanical systems are all working well.

Can I insure by packed caravan?

Yes, you can. Static insurance helps to protect caravans that are permanently situated in a location.

What should I look for in caravan insurance?

You have to look for the comprehensive nature of its protection plans and whether they suit your caravan’s needs.

What does caravan insurance cover?

This depends on the policy you choose. Generally, caravan insurance covers theft, accidental damages, third-party liability, stolen properties, etc.

Do you need separate insurance for a caravan?  

Your car insurance doesn’t cover your caravan insurance, even though you need to insure your caravan if you are using the car to tow the caravan. There are two major types of caravan insurance: static caravan insurance and touring caravan insurance.

Can you insure the caravan on home insurance?

Yes, you can. Mobile home insurance covers all kinds of permanent residences and mobile holiday homes.

What does family cover mean on caravan insurance?

This means that your family and friends can use your caravan without being insured again or having separate insurance.

Conclusion: Best Caravan Policies & Insurers in the UK Market Today

Some of the best caravan policies and insurers in the current UK market are:

  • Lifesure Group – Freedom, Exceed, and Evoice
  • Safeguard UL Insurance – caravan insurance
  • NFU Mutal – caravan insurance (Lifestyle and home)
  • Club Care – touring caravan insurance
  • Coast insurance – touring caravan insurance

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