2022 Best Caravans in Australia.

How to Choose the Perfect One For You 

Hey, are you an Australian caravanner? Here is the information you need to make your next journey a remarkable if you choose the best caravan. One of the ways to ensure you have seamless caravanning is to choose a suitable and the best caravan that suits the Australian roads.

The best Australia caravan brands are:

  1. Track Trailer T4

The Track Trailer T4 is a new 18ft couple or family off-road adventure van designed with the latest engineering and innovative techniques to give it a quality buildup.

For more information, visit: Track Trailer T4 Review

  • AQR Quantum Hardtop

This is one of the best Australian off-road niche-filling Super Camper vans to give you one of the best caravanning experiences.

For more information, visit: AOR Quantum Hardtop Review

  • Trakmaster Pilbara Extreme

The Trakmaster Pilbara Extreme is an off-road fiberglass composite van designed explicitly for Australians to get a pleasant caravanning experience.

For more information, visit: Trakmaster Pilbara Extreme Owner Review

  • Zone RV Summit

The Zone RV summit is a game-changer in the caravanning world designed to allow you to have remote area caravanning leaving behind formative camping.

For more information, visit: Zone RV Summit Review

  • Rhinomax Outback Defender

This Australian caravan is a larger off-road hybrid caravan that covers remote areas.

For more information, visit: Rhinomax Outback Defender

Most of the Caravans are expensive to get. However, this is not a problem as you can rent it from any Australian rental service company. Some of the best Australian rental service companies are:

2022 Best Caravans in Australia.
2022 Best Caravans in Australia.

Caring for Your Caravan After a Long Trip Down Under 

Your caravan will need some care and maintenance after a long trip. It is advised that you carry out the tasks below after a long trip to help safeguard the health of your van.

1. Consult a caravan service company

A new rule states that new vans should be serviced within three months or 1000km and every 12 months or after 10,000km. This helps to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

2. Check all the seals

This is one of the effective ways to future-proof your van. Typically, caravan seals are susceptible to deterioration from wet, hot, dry, and dusty conditions that lead to cracks and tears on the seals. Even the usual routine of opening and closing doors, windows, and body parts of the van can be abnormalities. As such, ensure you check the following:

  • Pop-top seals.
  • Boot/tailgate seals Caravan door seals.
  • Window seals
  • Moisture-protective seals

3. Clean your van often

Regular cleaning of your van helps prevent the build-up of grime, dirt, and debris, which may cause damage to the van’s body parts. Using the right equipment to clean your van is essential, or the cleaning will be ineffective. In this light, consult a caravan dealer to get the appropriate cleaning equipment.

3. Consult caravan repairs service

Check your van for any sign of repairs. If you notice any early, ensure you take it to a caravan repair shop for immediate repair, as it will help prevent other issues from arising later in the future.

4. Provide Suitable Storage Facilities.

Ensure you store your van in a dry conducive facility where any rodents and insects won’t attack it. Also, rain, snow, or the hot sun should directly impact the van while in storage.

How to Spend Less Money Buying Your Next Caravan

One of the best ways to spend less money buying a caravan is by negotiating and buying at the ideal season.


After you have found the ideal caravan, the next step is to negotiate it. Pick up your phone to call several dealerships and ask them for their best price. Carefully search the dealership, check reviews, and draw your conclusion.

The perfect time to grab the cheapest caravans for Australians around Christmas and New Year. During this period, most dealers are ready to free their stocks for new arrivals around March, April, and May. During this period, you get the best deals ever.

Finding the Best RV for You – What’s Important to Consider?

In finding the best RV, there are some questions you must ask yourself, and these questions will be a pointer that will help you to find the best caravan RVs Australia. They are:

1. What type of camping do I want to do?

The type of camping you want will determine the Australian RV you will go for. The kind of camping you want to embark on specifies your rig. If you’re going to go for glamp, you will have to go for a vintage Class A or an airstream. If it is primitive camping, you might go for a pop tent or a travel trailer.

2. The nature of I want to camp?

To know the nature of the where you want to camp is essential in understanding the RV to choose. If you’re going to camp outside at the campsites within the nation, you have to go for RV that is 35 feet or less. If you are using a public park system, you will have to opt-in for a camper van or a small travel trailer. 

3. How many people/pets am I traveling with?

The number of people will determine the RV you will go for. If you have pets, you will need an even bigger RV. You can consider a bunkhouse-style RV like Class A or Class C if you have children and pets.

4. What is my budget?

Your budget will determine the RV to choose. For example, if you have less than $50,000, you won’t get a new class A or C Motorhome. With a budget of $200,000, you should have a wide choice to choose from, but still, you may not be able to buy the type and level of motorhome you desire.

Best-Rated Caravans in Australia and Where to Find Them?

2022 Best Caravans in Australia.
2022 Best Caravans in Australia.

Below is the list of the best-rated caravans in Australia and where to get them.

  1. Trakmaster Pilbara Extreme: it is one of the best-rated caravans in Australia. It is a well-built off-road caravan with a body length of 5.31m (17ft 5in). It is suitable for narrow or heavily undulated bush tracks. Its starting price is around $122,000.

Where to get it: Australian Off Road

  1. 2021 Avan Ovation M5: This caravan is the true definition of comfort and relaxation. It offers maximum comfort with a full ensuite that features a separate toilet & vanity unit, and shower. It also has roof-mounted air conditioning.

Where to get it: Avan Campers, Caravans and Motorhomes

  1. Caravan Tundra XL: This is another best-rated caravan in Australia. The Tundra Xl is an off-road caravan that features 188l 3 Way 2 door fridge/freezer, generator storage, washing machine, full oven, 2 x 105 A/H Batteries, reversing camera, and much more.

Where to get it: Blue Sky Caravans

  1. Avida Topaz CV765SL – 23-foot Bunks: It is a 23-foot layout caravan that features a front club lounge, large rear ensuite, full-length slide-out, and is packed with snared features.

Where to get it: Avida RV

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Top 10 Trending Caravan Parks in Australia

DENILIQUIN HOLIDAY PARK, NSW – overall best in the Caravan and Holiday category.

  • MARENGO HOLIDAY PARK, VICTORIA – Best in Ocean views
  • BIG4 MACDONNELL RANGE HOLIDAY PARK, NT – Best for breakfasts
  • SEA VU CARAVAN PARK, SA – Best Beach Frontage
  •  RED BLUFF, WA – Best for the coast seekers
  • RAC CERVANTES HOLIDAY PARK, WA – The best in the west

5 Things to Bring on Your Family Holiday Down Under

The five must-have items or checklist for a family holiday in Australia to bring along while caravanning is:

  1. Toiletries – Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream or gel, skin moisturizer, sunscreen, bathing soap, and deodorant.
  2. Homewares essentials – beds, crockery, baths towel, and mats
  3. Cooking utensils – measuring kettle and jugs, mugs, cutlery, glassware. Oven gloves, tea towels. Gas kettle. Pots and pans. And cutting boards and knives.
  4. Outdoor equipment – tents, folding chairs, ground mats, folding tables. Outdoor rugs
  5. First aids – Aspirin, antacid, adhesive tape, antidiarrhea, antiseptic agent, antihistamine cream elastic bandage, and first aid materials. You can consult your local doctor for a complete list of first aid items before caravanning.

How to Pack for Your Family Holiday Down Under – 7 Steps To Prepare For Your Trip

After getting all the above-listed necessities on the packing list for a family holiday in Australia, the seven ways to prepare for your trip to make it a memorable one are below.

1. Pack only the essentials

Packing everything you think you need isn’t advisable, for you will not need them. So pack only the items that appear on your checklist. Doing such will limit the number of unnecessary items that will occupy space in the van. 

2. Don’t use separate bags to pack your family items

Ensure you mix up everybody’s items into the same bag while packing. If you use different bags for each person, when one bag gets missing, the person loses all its items, which may affect his mood during the trip.

3. Get your children involved with packing

Getting your children involved in the packing helps them take responsibility for packing their favorite toys or items like coloring pencils or coloring books.

4. Pack accessories

Ensure accessories like your electronic gadgets are well packed. Also, ensure that the children pack theirs.

5. Pack a spare set of clothes

Ensure you pack extra sets of clothes for each person in the house. Accidents are bound to happen, so you must prepare ahead of them. Apart from the clothes, ensure you pack an extra set of essential items.

6.    Go for medical checkups

You won’t want to go on caravanning harboring illness in you. Ensure you take your family for a medical test, and immediate medication should be given to anyone found ill. When everybody is healthy, the caravanning will be more fun.

  • Ensure that the caravan is in good shape

After packing and ascertaining your health status, the next is to ensure your caravan is in good shape. This should be done at least four days before the journey. You can consult a caravan service company to run the caravan for checkups.


Finding the right caravan can either make or break your Australian holiday. You should make plans for the best caravan that suits the type of journey you want to undertake. Also, ensure the caravan suits your family’s size and taste. I will advise you to go through this article to know the best Australian caravan and where to get it for a seamless trip.

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