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Whether you have a touring or a static caravan, you will want to safeguard your investment. Towergate Insurance has arranged caravan coverage for almost four decades. 

It is stated that all of its caravan insurance policies feature protection against fire, theft, storm, and malicious damage, allow clients to choose between new for old or market value coverage and provide £1,000 worth of content cover. 

All you need to know about Towergate insurance is right here in this article! 

What is Towergate Insurance?

Towergate Insurance was founded in 1997 and has been operating as a specialized insurance provider. Since then, it has acquired more than 300 specialist insurers and now organizes a variety of policies. Some of the policies it offers include insurance for touring and static caravans, cars, boats, trips, homes, landlords, and commercial vehicles. 

While Towergate Insurance does have a broker business that collaborates with a number of insurers on other products, Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd. is the company that actually handles the company’s caravan insurance coverage.

Towergate Underwriting Group Limited does business under the brand name Towergate Insurance.

What Types of Caravan Insurance are Available?

Towing caravans Insurance offered by Towergate: This is vital information for everyone who tows a caravan on the highways for recreational purposes. Although this is not a legal requirement, it is something that should be considered in order to protect a caravan while it is being towed.

Static caravan insurance offered by Towergate: This kind of insurance is most appropriate for a caravan that is kept in a single location permanently. Even though this is not mandated by law, the majority of holiday parks require guests to have at least some level of financial security in the form of caravan liability insurance. 

What Does my Towergate Insurance Policy Covers?

We’ll start with the Towergate touring caravan Insurance.

Your touring caravan will be protected against loss or damage that may occur as a result of unforeseen circumstances if you get touring caravan insurance. 

Your regular car insurance policy will cover some of the costs associated with third-party liability claims; however, if you want to protect your caravan as an investment, you truly need specific touring caravan insurance. 

Your caravan insurance can, depending on the level of coverage you select, include the following:

  • Provide ‘new for old’ coverage (i.e., you’ll get a new caravan if yours is destroyed) or market value coverage.
  • Pay for third-party liability expenses.
  • Contribute to the expense of repairs when an insured event damages your caravan.
  • Provide monetary assistance to replace lost or stolen items, including the actual caravan.

Now let’s take a look at what Towergate’s insurance covers for a touring Caravan:

Towergate offers a versatile insurance policy so that you may choose the protection package that best matches your needs, regardless of whether your caravan is permanently sited or you tow it all over Europe.

The company asked tens of thousands of their clients about their expectations for their caravan insurance then they designed the core cover based on what their clients said was important to them as well as the company’s data, which means you can be confident that the most prevalent dangers to your caravan will be covered.

These include protection against unintentional damage incurred while towing, fire, theft, storm, vandalism, and liability for harm caused to third parties.

Here are just a few of the touring caravan insurance’s features and advantages:

  • Simple: the purchasing process has been made simple for you. You just have to choose what is needed for your caravan. You can decide to choose the additional and extended cover you need after choosing the basic cover.
  • Variety of choices: No longer a one-size-fits-all strategy, the variety of choices gives the consumer back control over which protection is appropriate for their caravan.
  • Flexibility – With the basic coverage, you are protected against most towing-related dangers; however, you are free to choose whether or not you want additional coverage.
  • New for old cover: you can get to choose between “new for old” or “market value” coverage; in the event of a total loss, “new for old” will replace your caravan with a completely new equivalent model. This option is only available for caravans that are less than ten years old. 

If you choose a market value, you would be protected, if you were to replace the caravan with something similar, up to the worth it had at the time of the loss. 

You must make sure that the amounts covered for the replacement cost of your caravan are correct. In the case of underinsurance, the sum covered will be the most that can be paid out in the event of a claim.

  • Accidental damage: while towing is included in our basic coverage because accidents do happen. Additionally, you can decide to extend your insurance to include times when your caravan is stored or pitched up at a predetermined place.
  • Go continental: You can choose to extend your towing coverage to include European towing coverage in your policy if you use your caravan on trips abroad.

Additional options

Towergate Insurance provides additional options to your touring caravan policy, such as:

  • Law-related cost
  • Key security
  • Extra precaution
  • No-claims bonus insurance
  • caravan with extended accidental protection when not being towed
  • continental cover
  • Add drivers who are not related to the policyholder

Now, let’s take a look at Towergate’s Static insurance policy

If your caravan is permanently sited, meaning it has plumbing and an electricity connection, you can insure it similar to how you did your home.

Simply put, static caravan insurance may protect the caravan itself from bad weather conditions and unintentional damage, compensate you for stolen or damaged contents, and provide coverage for other items in your space.

Coverage for static caravans can include the following options:

  • Coverage against storms – Your static caravan or leisure house can be insured against damage caused by storms, with the exception of damage caused by frost. 

This coverage is available for when the weather becomes harsh. The company is also able to cover anything on the boundary of your pitch, such as decks, verandas, and outdoor furniture; however, this does not include hedges, gates, or fences.

  • Coverage for static caravan content: The permanent fixtures and fittings that are housed within your static caravan are protected under this type of insurance policy since they are considered to be a component of the caravan itself. 

However, the company also covers things like televisions and cooking appliances, in addition to non-permanent pieces of furniture like lamps and ornaments.

  • Re-siting expenses: you will be paid for the expenses of cleaning out any debris, re-installing the utilities for a new caravan, and any additional fees charged by the site if your property is destroyed beyond repair as a result of an insured incident.
  • ‘New for Old’: If your property is less than 20 years old, you can choose to purchase new for old coverage when you get your insurance policy with Towergate. 

If you choose the new-for-old policy, you will be given a new or equivalent-value replacement caravan if your caravan is damaged beyond repair.

  • Renting out your static caravan: You can choose additional coverage if you decide to rent out your static caravan or vacation home while you’re away. It will offer coverage against unauthorized damage while being rented out or lent, which is not included in your ordinary policy.
  • Excess protection – For static caravan insurance, the usual excess is £75; however, there are two exceptions: malicious damage caused while the caravan is being rented out is subject to a £250 excess, and ground movement is subject to a £500 excess. 

You can also choose a second optional excess between £75 and £250, which could occasionally result in a reduction in your insurance cost. Select excess protection as an add-on insurance option, and your excess will be reimbursed in the event of a claim for your static caravan policy up to £250 annually, as well as for motor, travel, and pet insurance plans.


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  • Flood coverage: If you reside in a region with a higher risk of flooding, static caravan insurance may not always be offered. If you are insured with the company, your policy will cover flood damage because Towergate’s static caravan insurance automatically includes flood coverage. 

However, your premium may reflect your level of flood risk or other conditions, like possessing flotation equipment or a greater excess, may be applied.

  • Winter protection – As long as you have properly switched off the water supply and drained down your caravan before leaving for the winter, Towergate Insurance will safeguard you from damage brought on by frost and freezing.
  • Keys and locks: If your keys are misplaced or stolen, the company will pay to have your static caravan’s exterior locks replaced. Simply choose key protection as an additional cover when purchasing your policy if you would like to expand your coverage to include all vehicle and house keys with up to £1,500 in key coverage.

Standard exclusions

The following are some exclusions that do not apply to Towergate Insurance policies:

  • There is no coverage for mobile phones, computers, or other electronic devices.
  • If your policy solely covers recreational usage, renting out your caravan or using it for business purposes won’t be protected.
  • There is no coverage for normal wear and tear.
  • Tires are not covered.

How to save money through Towergate Insurance for your caravan insurance policy

  • Improve security: Install immobilizers and security alarms to further prevent burglars. Installing a tracking system or security camera might also be a smart move.
  • Improve the excess: Your premium may be less expensive overall if you agree to pay a higher voluntary excess. But keep in mind that if your claim is for less than your excess, your insurer won’t pay. Therefore, be cautious about setting it too high because if harm occurs, you can end up out of cash.

What is Excess?

Your insurance excess is the sum you are required to contribute to a claim. For a claim that costs less than this sum, your insurer won’t pay out.

Excess is often a sum that you decide upon when you purchase insurance. You will be given the choice to increase or decrease a voluntary excess, which could lower your premium.

The mandatory extra amount, meanwhile, may change according to your driving history, the age and quality of your caravan, or both.

Your policy document will contain information regarding any required or optional excesses.


Do I need to tell my insurance if I tow a caravan?

Your car insurance policy may include third-party liability coverage if you tow a touring caravan; however, you must inform your insurer if you do so when setting up your policy. You should also notify your insurer if you purchase a new caravan and plan to tow it.

What does family cover mean on caravan insurance?

Cover for usage by family and friends allows them to use your caravan without the need for separate insurance.

Can you legally live in a caravan?

Yes, you can live permanently on your land (with planning permission), on privately owned land with the landowner’s permission (with planning permission), or in residential caravan sites.

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Where is Towergate based?

Towergate is located in Kent, Kent, United Kingdom.

Do I need to register my caravan with Cris?

Registration is highly beneficial for caravans of all ages. Any caravan made in the United Kingdom after 1992 was automatically registered with Cris with its first purchase.

What do you need to tow a caravan in the UK?

You must possess a valid driver’s license in order to tow a larger vehicle. A valid driver’s license allows for the towing of trailers.

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Caravan insurance from Towergate is an essential part of keeping your caravan safe and in good shape.

If you own a caravan and need to insure it, then you know that finding the right policy can be tricky. Caravans are not like other types of vehicles, so they require a different kind of insurance.

Towergate Car Insurance offers a wide range of policies designed specifically for different types of caravans. Their policies are totally customizable—so even if you have a unique situation or want extra coverage, you are covered!

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